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1.Range of TIL logic supply or digital supply
a.0-5 V b.-12-+12 V c.2-8 V

2.power diodes are basically
a.silicon b.Ge c.none d.all above

3.LED emits light when
a.forward bias b.reverse

4.Solar cells are
a.photconductive b.voltaic cell

5.Which transmission is analog
a.PCM b.PAM c.FM

6.Which language generates bytecodes
a.C++ b.JAVA c.VB d.None

7.Antenna is
a.transformer b.refelector c.Ampifier

8.Conductivity in photodiodes due to
a.GaAs b.PbS c.CdS

9.Which oscillator produces 1MHz frequency
a.collpits b.Rcphaseshift cWeinbridge d.None

10.Microwave consists of which band

11.Which is fastest switching device

12.Which kinds of devices are BJT &JFET
a.JFET is unipolar and BJT uniploar
b.JFET is bipolar and BJT uniploar
c.JFET is unipolar and BJT biploar
d.JFET is bipolar and BJT biploar

13.Lograithmic amplifiers are used in
a.ADDer b.divider c,.Multiplier d.all

14.In which stage modulation is done in high power AM transmission
a.Ifstage b.Buffer c.Oscilator d.RF power stage

15.FM discriminator converts modulated signal to
a.PM b.AM c.PCM ( Ans-b)

16.DPCM is used to
a,reduce bandwidth b.reduce thermal noise

17.I*F P is the power of carrier maxm power transmitted in am modulated wave
a.P b.2P c.1.5P

18.FM bandwidth is described by
a.Shennon,s eqn b.Bessel,s eqn c.Hartleiz eqn. (Ans-b)

19.Front to back ratio of antenna can be improved by
a.Sacrifuying gain b.Increasing area c.Narow bandwidth

20.Quantization error can be reduced by
a.Sampling rate b.Level s of sampling

21.Quantizaton error occurs in

22.FM is used for
a.LF b.HF c.VHF d.UHF

23.In demodulation of PCM it is first converted to
a.PPM b.PWM c.PAM d.None

24.If the IF mixer tuned to a frequency of 1200 KHz and if IF frequency is 450 Hz.then image frequency is
a.750 b.1659

25.Which of the following refers to FET
a.hfe &hie &rp c.none

26.If the cross section of target is changing RADAR then scans through?

27.Low freq. Response of RC coupled amplifier r can be improved by
a. lowering coupling capacitor b.grate r biasing c.reducing load d.none

28.A dc supply voltage increases with
a. increase in load & decrees in capacitance

29.If shift resisitor is of 4 bit how many stages
a.16 b.8 c.7 d.4

30.Tracking of RADAR is done by
a.duplex scanning b.duplex switching

31.Quantization is(S2/12 formul;a is)
Ans-directly proportional to square of level

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