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The Selection procedure for CMC Limited

Company:CMC Limited The Selection procedure for cmc is 1.Written test 2.Technical test 3.Interview The written test Contains 3 sections . contains the following…and the duration is 90 minutes…. 1.verbal analogy (25 marks) 2.Data sufficiency 3.Logical reasioning 4.Analytical reasoning 5.Comparisons (basic mathematics)6.arithmatic 7.reading comprehension The technical test contains the questions from OS,DBMS,OOPS,SE,C,JAVA, DSAfter clearing the techincal […]

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Cosco Placement Paper

Cosco Placement Paper Company: Cosco Cosco Text patten consist of 1. Written Test2. Technical Interview3. HR Interview Written text consist of1.Aptitude- 20Q2.C – 30Q3.Networking – 20Q4.JAVA – 20Q (optional) 5.OS – 20QHere Java section is optional,To clear the written test just be thorough with C. Concentrate more on Pointers. Sorry, I could not remember the […]

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Caritor Placement Paper & Interview

Company:Caritor Hello , Im sending u the experience of 2 candidates who attended the caritor test and interview which is held at madurai and also i m sending u some papers what i have… Best of luck for all who are going to write the test regards, senthil =================================================== Am Anbarasan.K , B.Tech(IT) 2005 passout. […]

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CTS Interview Question Paper

CTS Interview Question Paper Company: CTS Hi Friends,Iam santhosh. Iam very glad to say that i was selected for CTS.I would like to share my experience with you. My interview experience:Me: Good afternoon mam Iam santhoshInte:Good afternoon SitdownMe: Thank you mamInte:Iam chandrika. Tell me abt ur self(as usual )?Me: I said only those points which […]

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Aztecsoft Placement Paper Pattern

Company: Aztecsoft Limited hello every one…………this is ABHILASH from vnrvjiet hyderabad Aztecsoft visited our campus on 12th july 2006 and the interview process is as follows………..There are three rounds1)APPITUDE TEST whih consists of C PROGRAM FOR 17 marks and still 33 questions on reasoning,arthimetic etc rs agarwal is enough for this reasoning and other stuff […]

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Aztecsoft Limited Selection Pattern

Company: Aztecsoft Limited Hi guys!Recently I sat for Aztec.Pretty cool company!The good thing about the company since they deal with all kind of technologies since the name A to Z Technology you get a great exposure.The 4 rounds areAPTITUDEGDTECHHRThe apti had 4 parts: english,maths,analytical,pie charts and a program.English :OKMaths : Easyanalytical: pretty toughPie charts: OKProgram […]