Paragon Placement Paper

Company: Paragon

1st round: Written-70 questions in 1hr.The questions are based on English and Reasoning.

No special preparation is required as the questions are easy.

2nd round: Group Discussion- Generally they form groups of about 10 people.The topic generally is :Is remexing of old hindi songs good for the industry.

My suggesion is that whenever u get the chance to speak,speak confidently and clearly while looking at each of ur group member.

3rd round: Technical Interview- Questions asked can vary depending upon what u specify as ur strength(technically).

4th round: HR Interview-This interview is taken by 3 top ranked officials of the company.Questions asked are related to u and details about u.Important thing is that they ask u about ur positive and negative points which I think r very important so prepare ur positive and nagative points accordingly and yes don’t borrow them from someone else,find out ur own positive and negative points.

Paragon Placement Paper

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