PCS Placement Paper & Interview

Company: PCS Technology Ltd.

Eligibility Criteria:

(1)60% through with no active back log. ( but at the center we are told that it had been reduced to 55% probably. not sure)
(2) No year Gap during graduation ( after 12th is allowed)


1. Aptitude test
2. Direct interview for whose who are well ahead of cut-off.
3. GD round for those who are just on the boundary.

Guys Patni is one of its own kind. You will find no other company giving so much chance for selection that they took out two separate list of candidates and gave another chance for those who cannot perform well in test. So keep faith for getting called for at least second list.

Aptitude Test :

40 ques and 60 min :

This time Patni is having whole new pattern for test. The pattern is completely new as compared to what told by our seniors at this site. Previously it consists of Quant, English, and others but this time there was ONLY REASONING and some question from English and a passage.

Question are on:

(1). Blood relation
(2). There are two kind of people in a city. One who always say truth called Traunt and others who always lie called Laurant. some question are there on them as
1. Appu says” he is traunt but kappu is not” what are appu and kappu?
a. traunt , traunt b. traunt laurant c. laurant traunt d. laurant laurant
(3) Many question from reasoning and puzzles
(4) one stats or data interpretation question . a diagram was given with certain values and 5 question was asked upon them
(5) some question on english .. to find erroneous part in a statment …some more .. and a passage with question on them. the passage i feel was hard as there are no direct question in spite they are like [^] that ” what author want to say” .. ” what author want to infer from the passage”…”what is suitable title for passage” ..like that.
I do not remember the question exactly but more or less they are reasoning

After the aptitude test the result was announced after a long interval of time and the announcement of two list make me happy ( as i think probably i will make in to 2nd list). but result are surprising for me as i have been in the 1st list!!!!.
there are around 350+ students selected.

After the announcement we are told to move to class rooms for form filling and a essay writing. Guys it is not an elimination round.There was a case study which says that ” Suppose that you are a project leader and working on project which will be delayed due to some reasons “we have to write an email to a deptt stating that there can be possible delay of our project.

Mean while for the candidates who are in second list the GD round was already started. The topic was mostly general topics.
Next day at morning 8.AM interviews started. There are different panels taking interview at same time. My interview was at around 10 AM. Mine was mostly HR. IT was like that

Me. may I come in sir?
He(sir of around 35). yes come in.
He offered a handshake and i joined hands.

He. why did you choose IT?
Me. balalabha…..

He. tell me about the essay you have written?
Me. explains the whole essay to him

He( reading the form). what did you do apart from studies?
Me. balalabha…….

He. any favorite subject ?
Me. yes sir computer network.

He. why computer n/w?
Me. bahlbalba,…

He. tell me different types of n/w?
Me. told.

He. What is VPN?(virtual private n/w)
Me. Told

He. tell me about your project of B.E?
Me. explains my project.

Here he tried to caught me in testing and test cases design. but i think i managed to escaped from there.
He. thank you Prakash!

Me. thank you sir!.
My interview was over in 15-20 min. Guys they do not ask much technical just go through some basic programs of C..as Fibonacci..prime no … armstrong…reverse like that..and go through your project very well ..they will definitely ask about ur project. Just be confident.

PCS Placement Paper & Interview


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