Perot Systems BPS India Pvt Ltd
Perot Systems BPS India Pvt Ltd

PEROT SYSTEMS Placement Paper

Company: Perot Systems BPS India Pvt Ltd

Selection Criteria:

At least 65% throughout in 10th, 12th and B.Tech with no BACK (Cleared or Pending).

Selection Procedure:
Written Test 1(Aptitude and Logical Programming)
Written Test 2(English)
Technical Interview
GM/HR Interview

WRITTEN TEST 1: Aptitude and Logical Programming

This test consists of 60 questions to be completed in 60 mints.There are 4 different sections of 1 marks,2 marks,3 marks and 5 marks questions. NO NEGATIVE MARKING.

first section:—

Aptitude contains:

1>series completion(10-15)(carry 1 marks each)

2>data sufficiency(10-15)(carry 2 marks each)

3> time distance,profit &loss,train,time &work…etc(carry 3 marks each)

Technical section:—total 10 questions each having 5 marks,

1>flowchart is given to u and u have to find the correct output(total 3 questions means 15 marks)

2>1’s complement,2’s complement….or binary to decimal… this(1-2 questions )

3>some logical programs output..

this section is quite easy ,if u have basic idea about programing then u can do it easily…so don’t get tense ,i started with this section becz it carry 50 marks..

so never give excuse that u don’t have enough time to do … fast and be confident than other thing can easily managed .

Second section:–

1>English (very easy section ,don’t get tense for this section )(total 25 questions )(fill in the gap type)

interview:–1>technical interview

2>HR or GM round

Technical interview::–

if u have basic idea about c,data structure,dbms,operating system….then no problem for u…and sometime they asked puzzles and some HR related questions.. As everyone is keep saying, what they look is how much confident and relaxed you are. If you are confident with your communication skills, then nobody can stop you. Don’t make them feel that u are tense. Keep smiling and always maintain eye contact. Believe me, it can do wonders. As far as my interview was concerned , this is a snapshot of it..

HR or GM:–

they also like to ask techanical questions…they asked me several logical questions related to dbms and i answered all those questions with practical examples..after that they asked some HR related questions,keep smiling don’t get tense and confused ,they will ask u some questions like where is noida??capital of tamilnadu??karntaka??etc

well this is all about test but they r very selective ….only 93 students clear apti test out of 1100. but this is not only the end, out of 93 students only 31 cleared techanical interview,and after that they finally selected 17 student

after two hours got my offer letter..

Things to remember:

please don’t visit the companies site the day before campussing for collecting information. You will get the latest update through pre-placement talk..

Be confident in what ever you are saying

PEROT SYSTEMS Placement Paper


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