Company: Philips Electronics


Aptitude Test : 30 Minutes

Technical : 30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The written test consisted of quant, reasoning and technical questions. Speed is an important factor when it comes to solving quant questions. whereas you need to revise your concepts right from 2nd year for the technical round. Technical consisted of both CSE and EEE subjects.


It went for about 45 mins. He asked me to write programs related to strings and linked list and basic concepts of multi threaded systems and networking. After that he asked me the difference between speed regulators for ceiling fans used in day to day life and the primitive ones. He also asked me what electronic component would I use so
that lights turn off on their own as soon as the sun rises. There were a few more questions like that. I was asked to give practical examples where networking protocols are used apart from the internet. He asked in detail about my project.


This one was short and quick. They asked me about my personal and professional goals. Where I see myself 5 years from now. What is my greatest achievement in life. They checked multi tasking and attitude of the person.


The entire process was simple and did not take too long. The panel looked tough at the start but they were very patient and supportive. The technical was tough and was mostly application based but the HR round was easy to handle.