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Polaris Paper Placement Paper

Company: Polaris Software Lab Limited

Venue:Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technologies

Hi Friends i got placed in Polaris hosted by our college on 23rd September 2006 and i am sending some questions to u people i think these are very important for u.
Totally around 250 people are attended(B.tech + M.C.A)and finally 14 people are selected…

The selection will be in this way

1. Written test
2. group discussion (there would be group discussion it depends up on the croud)
3. technical
4. hr

1.written apptitude(cProg+microprocessor+verbal+reasoning+logical)the main topics are

2.blood relations
4.percentages etc….

2.Group Discussion in this each team around 12 people and the topic our team got is “reducing the Eamcet qualifying cut off marks” some more topics other teams got is “is artificial intelligence dominates human”, “banning of showing animals in movies”, “education is necessary to get stardom”

some questions i faced are
1.void main()

{ int i;i=(2,3);printf(”%d”,i);

2.void main()
{ int i;for(i=0;i++;i<100) printf(”%d”,i); } How many times does the loop executes
a) 10 b) 0 c)100 d) infinite ans: b) 0

3. void main() { int i;for(i=1;i++;i<100) printf(”%d”,i); }
a) 10 b) 0 c)100 d) Infinite ans: d) infinite

4) void main() { char[]=”cdef”;printf(”%d%d”,sizeof(c),strlen(c));}

5) local variables will get stored in ________
a) Stack b) queue c) register d) all the above

6) register variables r stored in _______
a) heap b) cpu register c) stack d) none

7) Program code is stored in ________
a) Heap b) CPU register c) stack d) None Cool Which of the following interrupts has the heghest priority________ a) Rs6 b)RS7 c) INT d) Trap ans: d) trap

9) wat is the function of the kernal_____
a) Process b) task c) not defined d) none of these

10) WAT DOES Microprocessor does when it encounters an non maskable interrupt____
a) finishes d current executing instruction n then serves interrupt b) finishes d current executing task n then serves d interrupt c) serves d interrupt at once d )none of these
ans: a) (not sure)

11)the storage type used by microprocessor iz__
a) LIFO b) FIFO c) use both d) none
ans:a LIFO

12)use of _____ clocking circuit is advantageous in term of use of power
a) osscillators b) crystal c) d) none
ans: b)

13)when microprocessor encounters d HLT instruction_____
a) halts the execcution b) halts the execution and busses enter in to tri state c) d)all the above

14)busses in micro’sor does which of d following job ____
a) carrys d data b) carrys d address c) carrys d control signal d) all d above
ans: d

3.HR round this round is very importnt and the hr is very cool morning in the presentation section he looks aggresive but in hr round he is very cool ..they people observes our facial expressions,body language ets. i faced some questions from hr is
a) about ur self(hobbies, family background) b) wat news paper ur studying c) wat magagines ur watching d) strengths and weaknessess e) he ask me abt my e-mail id ([email protected]) and guitars(i put my hobbies as guitaring ) f) if u r in a bike and it fails breaks, how can u stop it(like these questions r to get our mental ability) there is no other tech round for me hr only ask some tech questions on pl/sql ,c etc….. u r very care full to answer the hr questions..dont worry its very easy 4 u …. I dont remember the remember the questions clearly i hope these questions are very use full to u alll coz i got help of the previous papers…. all the best u people

Polaris Paper Placement Paper

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