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Polaris Placement Paper

Company: Polaris Software Lab Limited

The test was for one hr
40 technical Questions (electrical) for 1/2 hr. and 30 aptitude Questions (1/2 hr.) there are two sets of Questions papers Some Tech Questions

1 what motor is used in ceiling fan & washing m/cs
2 In electric traction
3 wt is 8255
4 8085 has ___ address and ___ data lines
5 8051 is a ____ bit microcontroller (ans:8 bit)
6 74LS244 is _____
7 Bucholz relay is used for _____ protection (Transformer)
8 Transmission line parameters are called ____
9 No. of poles and freq given find speed
10 In which motor starting torque can be increased by adding rotor resistance (IM) there were 4 questions from Power plants (had to guess in that) 4 questions from Controls (pretty easy…..like zetaL>1 means
a)underdamped b)undamped c)overdamped
d)critically damped

11 question about transistor..basic working
12. boolean expression was given for simplification-simple
13. How many flags does 8085 have? (ans-5)
14. which of the following are universal gates? (ans-nand,nor)
15. whats the frequency range of mobile communication?
16. The resolution of picture in tv depends on.
a. no: of lines scanned b. video detector o/p and 2 more choices were given.
17. Question on stability of FET
18. What is the modulation used to transmit sound in tv signal
a. VSB
b. FM and 2 more choices were there…
19 Wht is double integration of a unit step signal?
a. ramp signal
b. parabola
20. It mainly covers Operating system..consists of questions in semaphore( 2 questions), job scheduling algorithms (shortest job),paging (2 or 3 questions),virtual memory,hashing,etc virtual memory is used for.
20. RDBMS covers “Define Query”(simple but 4 options made some complications)
21. Data structure : order of randomly searched binary tree.
22. Electronics based questions which covers microprocessor 80386(not 8085) 2or 3 questions?
23. A pulse is passed through a pipe..to detect any damage. This process is called.
24. frequency reflectometry?
2) Time reflectometry
3) Piggy backing
1 Given a 3×3 matrix, find the minor of one of the elements
2 find the odd one out of the series 48 47 44 40 32 23 12
3 A goes to school at 4 kph and reaches 10 mints b4 schedule and at 3
kph reaches 10 mints after schedule find the distance (ans 4 km)
4 Meaning of COY (irritated)
5 Opposite of Grimace
6 Opposite of FLOODED With
7 JUMBLED letters find out the word, the word was FATIGUE
8 Simple interest problem
9 Smallest of four given fractions
10. A guy walks @ 4kmph from a point..After 4hrs a cyclist starts from the same point at 10 kph. At what distance will they meet from the starting point? the question was almost like this.
11. x% of people have tea, y% have coffee, z no: of people have both…find the total no: of people. Solution: easy. Have to use n(AUB)=n(A)+n(B)-n(A intersection B)..
12. Complete the series. 1,4 ,9,25,… (choices- 47,49,64,none)
13. Analytical question “failures are stepping stones to success” this means.
a. all success are preceded by failures
b. success consists of failures
c. failures can lead to success
d. none..

14. About matrices.. which of the following don’t have inverse? u have to find for which matrix |A|=0…time consuming.
15. There was 1 big square which had 16 sqrs in it..4 in a row & column. Each square had a no: in it.. except one square Had 2 find the missing no:…i don’t remember the nos…
16. 4 sentences given..& 4 choices of word given…have to choose 1
word that suits all the 4 sentences… *the police

are ___ about the missing boy in the forest. * the detective
was ___ her face for marks. and 2 more sentences
were there… choices(investigating, searching….).ans:investigating.
17. Hcf of 2 nos…1024 & 1214…don remember nos exactly..like in RS aggarwal
18. out of 500 students,75% of boys and 72% of girls passed. Total pass percentage is 77%.How much girls …?
19. how many prime numbers are between 1 to 100?
20.A greater than B and B less than C. what is the relation between A and C ?
21.given a set of different sentences. we have to choose an appropriate word which should be matching with all sentences eg: A person ————–the child The government—————the people options may be 1)saved
2)preserve (this is not the exact question)

Polaris Placement Paper

About Polaris

Polaris has always forged our own path, creating new ways to help people experience the outdoors to the fullest.

Since our founding in 1954, we’ve been making high-quality, breakthrough products and broadening the view of powersports—whether it’s launching the snowmobile industry, reinventing ATV categories year after year, developing the first purpose-built military vehicles, introducing a radical 3-wheel moto-roadster, or getting people to explore the outdoors by providing a network of ride and drive adventures.

From our entrepreneurial roots as a mechanical shop, we’ve grown into a global leader with more than 30 brands and multiple services responsible for the company’s growth into a major influencer on powersports and beyond. And in recent years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of our industry and expanded beyond powersports into adjacent markets, like commercial and military vehicles, and electric vehicles, where we can add value.visit offical Website of polaris for more details

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