Company: CTS

1. Why Infosys should hire u?
2. What projects u have done?
3. What problems did u face in completing your project?
4. Which co-curricular activities have you participated in?
5. Do you think you are a good leader?
6. What you have organised on yourself?
7. Give an example of your teamwork?
8. If you face any problem in your team, how do you will solve it?

1. What r the basic properties in OOP?
2. Why STATIC key word used?
3. How Multiple Inheritance can b implemented in JAVA?
4. How we can Inherit a CLASS and a Interface ?
5. What is Exception?
6. What is Hierarchical Data Model?
7. Types of Data Structure?
8. Tell me where Linear and Non Linear Data Structures are used?
9. Have you ever done practical on Hierarchical Data model?
10. what is RDBMS?
11. what is a tuple?
12. Do you know about Garbage Collector in JAVA? Is it Default?
13. What is Abstraction?
14. what is an Object?
15. what is a Class?

1. Why CSE?
2. what are the subjects you read last semester?
3. what is the favorite subjects?
4. What is referential integrity?
5. what is foreign key? draw a table and show foreign key.
6. What is deletion anomaly?
7. what is lock? how many lock you ever heard?
8. where you use read lock and shared lock?
9. what is deadlock?
10. what is deadlock presentation?
11. Tell me some procedure to detect deadlock.
12. what is distributed deadlock?
13. what are functions of local distributed and global distributed manager?
14. how you solve deadlock in distributed system?
15. What is union?
16. What are the differences between structure and union?
17. What is pointer?
18. what is linked list?