InfoSystems Placement Paper

Company: InfoSystems

1. Share premium/ discount on issue of share
2. Memorandum of association
3. Articles of association
4. primary& secondary market
5. stock exchange in India and abroad
6. depreciation accounting standards
8. provisions/reserve
9. bonus shares
10. dividend-interim & final dividend
11. inventory valuation and methods
12. goodwill valuation and methods
13. cash flow and funds flow
14. margin of safety/semi variable cost
15. joint venture and partnership
16. non recurring items in p& l a/c( ex; sales of investment)
17. non cash expenditure a/c in p& l a/c(depreciation)
18. Difference b/w revenue and income
19. write entry and posting out standing salaries
20. accounting treatment loss of inventory -no insurance coverage –partly insurance coverage-fully insurance coverage
21. Form of B/S horizontal, vertical schedule 6.
22. capital profit and revenue profit
23. rebate v/s 88 of income tax act
24. mutual funds /trade discount and cash discount
25. Duties of finance manager
26. interim audit/ stationery audit
27. Sensex.
28. What is the balance sheet and cash flow schedule 6 format
29. Trading a/c v/s p& l a/c
30. Revenue v/s income
31. What is the cost of goods sold
32. Finance manager duties
33. Capital expenditure and fixed expenditure
34. Tell about credit rating agencies
35. Difference b/w gross profit &net profit
36. Leverage (operating &finance leverage)
37. Leverages usages
38. Closing stock (cost or market value which is less)
39. Portfolio management
40. What is the “limited” in company name means
41. Quorum
42. Income tax paid is not treated expenditure for income tax
43. Time value of money, how it will useful in capital budgeting
44. Integrated and non integrated accounts
45. Revaluation reserves
46. Recurring and non recurring items in p& l a/c
47. Accrual basis and cash basis
48. What is the meant by balance sheet and cash flow
49. How going concern concept reflects in balance sheet?
50. Impairment
51. Tangible-intangible
52. Associate & holding…. Subsidiary
53. What is appropriation account and what are the components of appropriation a/c.
54. What is EPS & DPS
55. What are the components of balance sheet
56. What is net worth
57. What is differed expenditure? Where can find icon B/S.
58. What is liquid ratio and acid ratio, debt equity ratio?
59. What is unearned revenue? Ex; advanced income
60. Structure of cost sheet
61. Functions of financial management?
62. What is primary market and secondary market?
63. Capital gain or loss
64. Accounting equation
65. Accounts payable
66. Accounts receivable
67. How many charts of accounts can be attached to a company code?
68. How many chart of account does SAP defined its purposes?
69. What are substitutions and validation? What is the president?
70. What is a controlling area?
71. Define relationship between controlling area and company code?
72. What is a fiscal year variant?
81. What are special periods used.
82. What are posting periods?
83. What are document types and what are they used for?
84. How are they tolerance group for employees used?
85. What are posting keys? State the purpose of defining posting keys?
86. What are field status groups?
87. Parent (holding) & subsidiary company
88. Differ income / expenditure
89. Accrued expenditure
90. What is a settlement rule?
91. Fixed cost, B.E.P
92. Assets & types of assets (tangible,intangible ,fictitious )
93. Partnership, joint venture & consignment
94. Trading, P &L account Balance sheet (format & schedules) & Trail balance.
95. What is book building?
96. What are the various investing opportunities you have?
97. Who are promoters?
98. What are consolidated statements?
99. What is stock option?
100. What is the role of nominal accounts?
101. What r the important financial ratios a banker looks into when u approach for loan?
102. What is a prospectus?
103. What is the financial year in India?
104. Non cash expenditure
105. Adjustments after net income
106. What are with holding tax types &tax codes?
107. What is a transport request?
108. What is dunning? What is the maximum level of dunning?
109. What is automatic payment program and what are the pre requisites?
110. What are open items? What is open item clearing?
111. What is net worth?
112. What is indirect tax?
113. What is public ltd company and difference between public ltd company and public sector undertaking?

InfoSystems Placement Paper

About InfoSystems

For over 25 years, InfoSystems has provided reliable IT solutions to build and maintain strong and secure systems for both SMB and enterprise organizations. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, our trusted team of experts specialize in traditional infrastructure, IT optimization and cybersecurity services, as well as next gen solutions such as hybrid cloud and automation, from partners such as IBM, Red Hat, Dell Technologies, Nutanix, Arctic Wolf and VMware.visit offical website of Infosystem for more details.

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