punjab national bank
punjab national bank

Punjab National Bank Placement Paper

Company: Punjab National Bank

Below are given some sample questions for the objective type tests. The types of questions are only illustrative and not exhaustive. In actual examination you may find questions on some or all of these types and also questions on the types not mentioned here.

Test I : Professional Knowledge Questions in this test will be in the area of for the respective post.

Q.1. Marketing for promotion of business in Banks
involves _______
(1) Better Customer Service
(2) Customer need identification
(3) Customised products
(4) Both (1) & (3)
(5) All (1), (2) & (3).

Q.2. Tangible Networth is _______
1) share capital plus reserves
2) total current assets
3) fixed assets minus depreciation
4) networth minus tangible assets
5) none of these

Q.3. Fire involving gases under pressure such as LPG,
butane, propane etc. can be classified as –
(1) Class ‘A’ fire (2) Class ‘B’ fire
(3) Class ‘C’ fire (4) Class ‘D’ fire
(5) None of these

Q.4. The Income tax deducted from interest paid on
debentures is shown on the _________
(1) Asset side of the Balance Sheet

(2) Liability side of the Balance Sheet
(3) Credit side of P & L A/C
(4) Debit side of P & L A/C
(5) None of these

Q.5. After the balance sheet and the profit and loss
account have been laid before an Annual General
Meeting of a Company, the same has to be filed
with the Registrar of Companies within _____
days of AGM.
(1) 60
(2) 45
(3) 30
(4) 20
(5) 15

Q.6. Which of the following is a high tech, high value
agricultural project ?
(1) Marine Fisheries
(2) Greenhouse
(3) Grape Cultivation
(4) Poultry Farming
(5) None of these

Q.7. The heat treatment process used for hardening of steel is
(1) tempering (2) hardening
(3) normalising (4) annealing
(5) quenching

Q.8. Which of the following insulation classes is mainly used in electrical machines ?
(1) Class – Y
(2) Class – A
(3) Class – F
(4) Class – C
(5) Class – H

Q.9. Linear density of synthetic fibre is expressed in terms of _____
(1) Tex (2) Nf (3) Ne
(4) Worsted (5) Denier
Q.10. _________ compunds are used in vulcanisation of rubber.
(1) Calcium
(2) Silicone
(3) Sulphur
(4) Carbon
(5) Boron

Q.11. Which of the following provides employees with an accurate view of their performance from Superiors, Peers, Subordinates and Customers ?
(1) Management By Objectives
(2) Job Enginering
(3) 360 Degree Appraisal
(4) Mentoring
(5) None of these

Q.12. What type of ink is used in web offset printing for commerical printing ?
(1) Setting inks
(2) Ink drying by oxidation
(3) a combination of setting and oxidation
(4) heat set inks
(5) cold set inks

Test II : English Language This is a test to see how well you ‘know’ English. Your English language ability would be tested through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of a passage, etc. Study and answer the sample questions given below. Please remember, in the test paper there may be ques6tions of several other types also.

Directions : Pick out the most appropriate word from amongst the words given below each sentence to complete it meaningfully.
Q.13. He quickly glanced ………………………… the book to find what it said about the Indian economy.
(1) at
(2) through
(3) in
(4) to
(5) over
Q.14. The counsel urged the court to ……………………… down the obnoxious law.
(1) enact
(2) enforce
(3) cancel
(4) strike
(5) declare
Q.15. The local official ……………………… the Minister of the situation.
(1) explained
(2) warned
(3) apprised
(4) told
(5) intimated
Directions : Read each sentence given below to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error,
if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part of the sentence is your answer. If
there is no error, the answer is ‘5’.
(Ignore errors of punctuations, if any)
Q.16. I am twenty / two years old / when I first / joined the bank. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Q.17. To the Hindus / the Ganga is / holier than / any other river. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Q.18. Of all the teachers / in our school / our class teacher / were very strict. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Directions : In each of the following questions select from amongst the five alternatives, the word nearest in meaning to the word given in capitals.
(1) a guard (2) a hundred years (3) a very old man (4) hundred runs (5) hundredth anniversary
(1) conquer (2) smash (3) earn (4) brave (5) capture
Directions : In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five alternatives, the word most opposite
in meaning of the word given in capitals.
(1) simple (2) weak (3) dull (4) angry (5) moron
(1) adequate (2) available (3) sluggish (4) negligent (5) intentionalIn addition to the above questions, there will be a passage in English for comprehension. You will be asked questions based on the passage

Test III : Quantitative Aptitude This test is designed to measure how fast and accurate you are in dealing with numbers, viz. computation, quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables and graphs. Directions : In each of the following questions one number is missing. The place where the number is missing is shown by a question mark (?). You have to find out which one of the answers shown against 1, 2, 3 and 4 can replace the question mark. If none of these four can replace the question mark, you will indicate (5) i.e. ‘None of these’ as your answer.
Q.23. 42 + 73 + 137 = ?
(1) 352 (2) 252 (3) 242
(4) 142 (5) None of these
Q.24. 20 × 1 /2 = ?
(1) 4 (2) 5 (3) 12
(4) 20 (5) None of these
The correct answer for Q.24 is 10. But none of the 1, 2, 3, or 4 shows this answer. Therefore your answer is 5. Some of the questions may require arithmetical reasoning. For example :
Q.25. At 10 paise each, how many paise will 6 lemons cost ?
(1) 6 (2) 10 (3) 60 (4) 61 (5) 610
Q.26. Which of the following can be exact multiple of 4 ?
(1) 27114 (2) 58204 (3) 48402
(4) 32286 (5) None of these
Q.27. If the profit made by selling a pen for Rs.10 is as much as its cost, what is the cost price of the pen ?
(1) Rs.3/- (2) Rs.5/- (3) Rs.10/-
(4) Rs.20/- (5) None of these

Also, there may be some questions based on graphs and tables.

Directions : Given below is a table showing percentages out of a total of 700 employees ranking six attributes that help promotion. Rank I is the highest. Study the table carefully and answer questions that follow:

Q.28. Which attribute for promotion has received the highest rank ?
(1) Perseverance (2) Seniority (3) Honesty
(4) Sociability (5) Efficiency
Notice the percentage for rank I given in the table. You observe that seniority is the attribute with the highest percentage. So your answer is “Seniority”, which is answer
No. (2).
Q.29. How many employees gave rank III to intelligence ?
(1) 119 (2) 98 (3) 77 (4) 70 (5) 10
Look at the intersection of the column giving percentage for rank III and the row giving percentage for intelligence. You find that 10 percent of the 700 employees have given rank III to this attribute. 10% of 700 is 70. So your answer should be (4).
Q.30. Which attribute is considered the least important for promotion ?
(1) Honesty (2) Intelligence (3) Perseverance
(4) Efficiency (5) Sociability

TEST IV : Reasoning Ability
This is a test to see how well you can think. It contains questions of various kinds. Here are some sample questions.

Directions : In each of the following questions, there is a group of letters or words given. Four of the five are alike in a certain way, while one is different. Find out the one which is different.
Q.31. (1) black (2) red (3) green (4) yellow (5) paint Of the five, ‘black’, ‘red’, ‘green’, and ‘yellow’ form a group as they are names of colours. ‘Paint’ is not the name of a colour. Therefore (5) is the answer.

Now try to solve the following question.
Q.32. (1) XZ (2) MN (3) PQ (4) BC (5) ST Following are the questions based on analogy.
Q.33. “Foot” is related to “Man” in the same way as
“Hoof” is related to –––––
(1) Leg (2) Horse (3) Dog (4) Boy (5) Shoe
In the above example, with which one of the five, “Hoof” has the same relationship as “Foot” has to “Man” ? The answer is “Horse”, which is answer number (2). Now try the following questions.
Q.34. “Day” is related to “Night” in the same way as
“Kind” is related to –––––
(1) Cruel (2) Bright (3) Dark
(4) Generous (5) Gratitude

Now try the following questions.
Q.35. If the letters in the word TOPS can be rearranged to form a meaningful word beginning with O, the last letter of that word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed, M is the answer and if no such word can be formed, X is the answer.
(1) T (2) P (3) M (4) S (5) XQ.36. Some leaders are dishonest. Satyapriya is a leader. Which of the following inferences definitely follows from these two statements ?
(1) Satyapriya is honest
(2) Satyapriya is dishonest
(3) Some leaders are honest
(4) Leaders are generally dishonest
(5) Satyapriya is sometimes dishonest

There may be some other types of questions also. There will be a single answersheet for all the objective tests.

Now follow the correct method of showing your answer with an HB pencil and mark your answers to all the questions given so far in this booklet on the specimen answersheet given below. This will give you practice in correctly marking your answers. Answers to first four questions have been marked for you.

Punjab National Bank Placement Paper

About Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank (PNB), India’s first Swadeshi Bank, commenced its operations on April 12, 1895 from Lahore, with an authorised capital of Rs 2 lac and working capital of Rs 20,000. The Bank was established by the spirit of nationalism and was the first bank purely managed by Indians with Indian Capital. During the long history of the Bank, 9 banks have been merged/amalgamated with PNB.

Post amalgamation of eOBC & eUNI w.e.f 01.04.2020, PNB has expanded its presence across India. As at the end of June2021, Bank has total 36851 delivery channels with a network of 10641 domestic branches, 2 International branches, 13690 ATMs & 12518 Business Correspondents. PNB is the second largest Public Sector Bank (PSB) in the country with Global Gross Business at Rs. 18,23,685 crore. The Bank continues to maintain its forte in low cost CASA deposits with a share of 45.15%. Bank’s focus has been on qualitative business growth, recovery and arresting fresh slippages.visit offical website of punjab national bank for more details.

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