Company: Qualcomm CDMA Technology

Aptitude Test : 45 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The aptitude test paper was different for ECE and CSE. The ECE paper consisted of :
* Software(c language)
* very few quantitative questions.

1) DSP questions covered these topics: FIR and IIR filter, condition for stability and causality of these filters, finding the magnitude response of these filters, the filter coefficients are given, phase delay and group delay of these filters, modulation techniques(like which of the following modulation takes the minimum bandwidth).

2) the C section had very basic questions on logical operators, bitwise operators, two for loops were given and was asked to compare their complexity, output and error in the program were also asked.

3) the quantitative questions were from time and distance, work done. The most important thing was accuracy and speed. You should be better than others.


I had my software interview( C language, OS ,DS) first. The questions asked in the software interview were from the following topics : virtual functions, virtual memory concept,paging concept, segmentation. oops concepts like: inheritance, polymorphism, operator overloading. In the end I was asked to write code to reverse a string and use the concept of dynamic allocation in that. I was not fully satisfied with my software interview, but I answered good amount of questions.
In the DSP interview questions were:

1) how will you generate rectangular wave. I gave them 2 solutions:

a) using schmitt trigger circuit.

b) by interfacing a DAC with microprocessor and using software delays of appropriate time period.

2) describe the nyquist rate condition and condition for no aliasing to take place.

3) write the expression for reconstruction of a sampled signal.

4)when to use IIR and FIR filters.

5) what are the advantages and disadvantage of IIR and FIR filters.

6)what is linear phase in FIR filters.

7) write the architecture of BLACKFINN processors. I did very well in the DSP section. Infact, I answered all the questions. After the DSP interview, I had full confidence of getting through.


The HR was very important, because even a very small mistake can send you out of the race for job. The questions asked to me were:

* Why do you want to join QUALCOMM.
* Why don’t you go for higher studies.
* Where do you see yourself after three years.
* Would you like to work in the software section in QUALCOMM.
* What did you like in my presentation. Then he explained me all about the companies, the performance based promotion policies and about the work culture.


The aptitude paper was not that difficult. Speed and accuracy were important. The panel members were very polite and encouraging.The time for which the each interview went was around 15-20 minutes, you have to make sure to impress them in that short time. It was great to give your best throughout the day and get selected in the end.