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MS Excel
1. Which of the following is not an option in the spelling dialog box?
a. Edit
b. Ignore
c. Ignore all
d. Change
Correct Answer: a

2. You can quickly change the appearance of your work by choosing Auto Format from the …. Menu
a. Edit
b. View
c. Format
d. Tools
Correct Answer: c

3. To protect a worksheet, you can choose Protection and the Protect Sheet from the ….. menu
a. Edit
b. Format
c. Tools
d. Data
Correct Answer: c

4. You can open the Highlight Changes dialog box by choosing Track Changes from the …. Menu.
a. Edit
b. Insert
c. Format
d. Tools
Correct Answer: d

5. Which of the following is not a worksheet design criterion?
a. Efficiency
b. Auditability
c. Description
d. Clarity
Correct Answer: c

6. To copy cell contents using drag and drop, press the
a. End key
b. Shift key
c. Esc key
d. None of above
Correct Answer: d

7. If you press …., the cell accepts your typing as its contents.
a. Enter
b. Ctrl + Enter
c. TAB
d. Insert
Correct Answer: a

8. The autofill feature
a. Extends a sequential series of data
b. Automatically adds a range of cell values
c. Applies a boarder around selected cells
d. None of above
Correct Answer: a

9. What is the keyboard shortcut (button or buttons to be pressed) for creating a chart from the selected cells?
a. F3
b. F5
c. F7
d. F11
Correct Answer: D

10. you can use the formula palette to
a. format cells containing numbers
b. create and edit formulas containing functions
c. entered assumptions data
d. copy a range of cells
Correct Answer: b
11. What Pivot Table toolbar button updates the data in a Pivot Table or Pivot Chart report if the source data chas changed
a. Format Report
b. Pivot Table
c. Refresh Data
d. Show Detail
Correct Answer: c

12. What is an expression that tells how the numbers in a determined set of cells are to be calculated?
a. Formula
b. Field
c. Data
d. Query Correct Answer:
Correct Answer: A

13. “Qtr 1, Qtr 2, Qtr 3” is an example of a
a. Formula
b. Function
c. Series
d. Syntax
Correct Answer: c

14. You can edit existing Excel data by pressing the
a. F1 key
b. F2 key
c. F3 key
d. F4 key
Correct Answer: b

15. The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell B1 and goes over to column G and down to row 10 is ….
a. G1-G10
b. B1.G10
c. B1;G10
d. B1:G10
Correct Answer: d

16. A user wishes to remove a spreadsheet from a workbook. Which is the correct sequence of events that will do this?
a. Go to File-Save As – Save As Type – Excel worksheet
b. Right click on the spreadsheet tab and select DELETE
c. Right click on the spreadsheet and select Insert – Entire Column
d. None of above
Correct Answer: b

17. What feature enables you to adjust or back solve the value in a cell to reach a desired outcome in a formula?
a. Goal Seek
b. Scenario Summary report
c. Forecasting
d. Trend line
Correct Answer: d

18. what term describes a background that appears as a grainy, non smooth surface
a. gradient
b. pattern
c. solid
d. texture
Correct Answer: a

19. Excel is a
a. Graphic program
b. None of these
c. Word processor
d. A spreadsheet
Correct Answer: d

20. To create an interactive Pivot Table for the web, you use a Microsoft Office Web component called
b. Pivot Table Field List
c. Pivot Table List
d. Pivot Table Report
Correct Answer: d

1. Which of the following command lets you set the vertical alignment?
1. Page Setup command from File menu
2. Page Setup command from Format menu
3. Paragraph command from Format menu
4. Font command from Format menu
Correct Answer: ans1
2. Minimum zoom percentage suppported by MS Word is
1. 10%
2. 15%
3. 25%
4. 4%
Correct Answer: ans1
3. You can break the column by
1. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter
2. Pressing Ctrl + Enter
3. Pressing Shift + Enter
4. Pressing Alt + Enter
Correct Answer: ans1

4. In MS Word you can insert hyperlink by
1. Pressing Ctrl+K or by choosing Hyperlink from Insert menu.
2. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+K or by choosing Hyperlink from Insert menu
3. Pressing Ctrl+K or by choosing Hyperlink from Format menu
4. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+K or by choosing Hyperlink from Format menu
Correct Answer: ans1

5. The default lines to drop for drop cap is
1. 3 lines
2. 2 lines
3. 4 lines
4. 8 lines
Correct Answer: ans1

6. The red wave underline in MS Word document indicates
1. Spelling errors
2. Grammar errors
3. Address block
4. None of these
Correct Answer: ans1

See the example below

7. In word-processing the task of changing the appearance of a document is
1. Formatting
2. Editing
3. Proofing
4. Inserting
Correct Answer: ans1

8. Which bar is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized options
1. Menu Bar
2. Tool Bar
3. Status Bar
4. Scroll Bar
Correct Answer: ans1
9. Which of the following option is not in Insert menu?
1. Header and Footer
2. Footnote
3. Bookmark
4. Hyperlink
Correct Answer: ans1
10. Text boundary can be turned on and off from
1. Autotext from Insert menu
2. View tab on Options dialogue box
3. Text Boundary option from Tools menu
4. None of these
Correct Answer: ans2
11. Which input device is not suitable to work with MS Word?
1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Light Pen
4. Joystick
Correct Answer: ans4
12. The insertion point in a table can be moved by using
1. Tab key
2. Shift + Tab key
3. Arrow keys
4. All of above
Correct Answer: ans4

13. The four types of mail merge main document in MS Word are
1. Form letters, directories, catalogues and envelopes
2. Form letters, envelops and mailing labels, directories, and lists
3. Basic letters, envelopes, labels and lists
4. Form letters, envelopes, mailing labels, and directory.
Correct Answer: ans4
14. The word wrap features
1. automatically move text to the next line when necessary
2. appears at the bottom of the document
3. allows you to type over text
4. is the short horizontal line indicating the end of document
Correct Answer: ans1

15. Which page orientation you will select if you wish to print in wide format?
1. Landscape
2. Portrait
3. Horizontal
4. Vertical
Correct Answer: ans1
16. You can use different page format within the same document by separating the differently formatted area with a
1. Section break
2. Document break
3. Line break
4. Format break
Correct Answer: ans1
Section Break lets you to apply different page format for different parts of a document.
When you start a document, there are no section breaks because the entire document consists of one section. A section break is the point at which you end one section and begin another because you want some aspect of page formatting to change.
You can divide a document into any number of sections and format each section the way that you want. Throughout this article, keep in mind that a section break acts as an embedded code that stores or maintains the properties of the section above it.
Follow this nice article about section break
17. To repeat the table heading in every page
1. From Table menu choose Row Height and Column Width
2. From Table menu choose Properties
3. From Table menu choose the Sort
4. From Table menu choose Heading Rows Repeat
Correct Answer: ans4
18. Which shortcut keys you will use to select all the text after current cursor position?
1. Shift + End
2. Ctrl + Shift + End
3. Ctrl + End
4. Ctrl + Shift + PageDown
Correct Answer: ans2
19. Which of the following is not a type of tab stop?
1. Bar
2. Decimal
3. Point
4. Left
Correct Answer: ans3