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Hughes Software systems

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Paper they conducted two tests. Both were technical(no aptitude test). First one was compulsory for everybody. In second one could opt for electronics or computers. In all i suppose there were 50 questions.I sent a request to my classmates to send me questions whatevery they could recall. Till now only one person has responded. I am sending those questions to you. And just before interview you were supposed to fill up a performa whichthey call Behavioural Test. This was to check you interpersonal skills and socialising capabilities. Questions like – would you like to be elected leaders of organising committees, do you like peoply express their agoniesto you, do you wish people be close to you type questions were repeated in one and the other form.Interview was technical as well as personal. CGPA did count – it seems. They selected 8 people from here. BTW what’s your current CGPA and what’s the strength of your class. Do they come for B.Tech and M.Tech separateas the case here is or it’s all at once.

The Recruitment pattern consisted of 2 parts
First was aptitude consisting of 20 ques which are damn easy but do only 15-16 ques frm them coz thr is an
upper cutoff too.
Second section had two options
1.) Computers
2.) Electronics
You have to give only one of them irrespective of the branch of ur qualification.i.e. if u r CS grad u can attempt
electonics paper too n vice versa. both the sections had 30 ques tho abt 15 are common in both.
Networking ques are a bit difficult IPv6 stuff n i thnk DHCP too . get an overview of all networking basic fundas…
there r some c ques. too n for cs grad thr r binary tree ques. n for ECE grad thr are some Communi. ques.

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