Company: Reliance Industries Ltd

1.Mental Ability- There were 75 questions in this section,the time allotted was 30 minutes.Most of the questions will have six options.There r questions where u have to fill the blank space in the OMR answer sheet.The cut off was around 45 questions
The questions was on Series,General English,Coding,focus on English Verbal etc . R.S.Agarwal is sufficient.

2.In the second section questions were based on subject which u have opted I m giving the questions for Instrumentation,
this section was having 50 questions to be attempted in 30 minutes as
-Flowmeter used for mass flow measurement
Options as Positive displacement/Venturimeter/Orifice meter
-Displacement type level measirement is based on
Options as Archimedes/Newton
-Pin no. 3 in op-amp is for
Options as Inverting/Non inverting input
-One question was on Zener Diode
-One figure was given asked what it is-
Options as Integrater/Differentiator
-Response of Turbine flowmeter is
Options as Linear/Non linear
-Sensitivity is highest of
Options as Thermistor/Thermocouple
-1 mil is equal to
Options as 1 cm/14.7/10 mm
-1atm is same as
Options as 1bar/1psi/1kg/m3
-Two questions were based on Orifice meter
-Two questions were based on Magnetism and Paramagnetism
-Convert 1000 in decimal
-Convert 6 into Binary
-Noise is minimum in
Options Optical fiber cabel/Twisted wire cable
-Assembly language is converted into machine language by
Options Compiler/Assembler
-One question was on computer memory
-In displacement level measurement when the float goes down then reading
Options as increases/decreases/remains same
-One question was based on common ground problem in electrical wiring
-One question was on PID controller
-Pirani is used for
Options as Thermal Conductivity
-One question was again on flowmeters
-The full form of TCP/IP
-The full form of ISO
-Temperature sensor to sense the temperature of the order of 2000 degrees celcius is
Options as Pyrometer/Thermister/Thercouple
-The thermocouple representing K is
Options as Copper-Zinc/
-The thermocouple represnting J is
Options as Iron Constantan/
-One question was on Magnetic flow measurement
-Highly distilled water has
Options as poor conductivity/high condugtivity/medium
-One question was on gas analysis H2/O2 in a gas can be known using the set up
-One question was on MOSFET

These r around 30 questions which I m remembering. The cut off was around 25 questions.

On 4th of April I was having Interview the Interview was completely Technical existing for a time duration of 20 to 25 minutes.I had my interview for only 14 minutes
The questions r as
1.Explain your technical background
2.What is Process Control
3.What is Feedback Process Control
4.Explain your B.TECH project
5.Types of flow meters and explain any one
6.What is your technical aim in life
7.Have u visited any plant
8.About Summer training