Company: SAMSUNG

Samsung India Interview Questions & Aptitude Test Tips


Aptitude Test : 10 Minutes
Quantitative : 15 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 25 Minutes
Technical : 30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

First Aptitude + Quant + Analytical [G-SAT (Global Samsung Aptitude test)]test was there. It was for 50 min. It was simple. Analytical questions were time taking. But If you have practised such questions already. Then it won’t be any problem. Apti questions were so simple that anyone can do. Overall..a simple test. From this they shortlisted around 26 members. Technical test had 30 questions — 30 minutes. It was simple C, Data Structures & some OS questions.


Actually, this time Technical panel didn’t come to campus because of some problem. Only HR manager was there. So he said that he will take HR interview first & technical test & technical interview will happen later on. After nearly 1 month.. Technical process happened in Hyderabad. First they took technical written test [Details about it are mentioned above].. After that 11 candidates they shortlisted. 5 MTechs & 6 BTechs. One person was taking interview for 2 persons at a time on different tables. He will give some work to one person & later he will go to other person to ask questions. For me.. Interview was only for 20-25 mins.. & it was too simple compare to other core companies.. He asked following questions..

1) Tell me about your self [Family background & Academic back ground ]
2) Write a code & explain public protected & private variables
3) Write a code for get alternate nodes from linked list
4) What is thread
5) What is process
6) What is difference between them
7) What is multitasking
8) What is the difference between task & process
9) What is multiprocessing
10) Difference between Semaphore & Mutex
11) Priority Inversion problem
12) What is difference between FAT12,16 & 32 [As it was there in my BTech project]
For others also..simple C, C++ & OS questions.


He asked me following questions:
1) Tell me about your self?
2) Why Samsung?
3) Why you came for MTech?
4) As I have already worked for Infosys.. So what difference did you feel in corporate culture & educational culture
5) Y should v hire u? [Explain your qualities which will be different from others]
6) & some questions about achievements from my Resume
7) What is your core competency? How much do u rate your self in those?


It was nice experience.. But the process was very ppt, written & HR happened in one day.. & after 1 month technical test & technical interview happened.. & Again for results v waited for 1 more day.. But still “Wait was Worth!!!” 🙂 All panel members were

Prepare well for campus placements from initially only. Concentrate on Aptitude [R S Agrawal] & all your core subjects [For CS: C, C++, DS, OS, Networking, DBMS(For some companies) & if you know Java..that will be nice]. In the interview, Stay Cool.. Don’t be tensed.. They want to see your confidence & attitude along with your Technical
Skills..& Finally luck also matters a lot.