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SAP LABS Placement Paper, 16th December
1. If a 6 o’clock the clock strikes 6times. The difference between the first and the last strike is 30 secs. Find the time taken when it strikes 12.
Ans 54sec( I think)

2. While traveling at uniform speed. U read a two digit no. after one hr the number is reversed order. After another hour the number read is same two digit number. What is the average speed?

3. If a=1,b=2…z=26 what is p+q+r?
a)52 b)26c) 5 d) 35
ans a

4. if z=1,y=2…a=26 what is the sum?
a)351 b)450 c)260 d)150
ans a

5. If a 4inch cube is painted on all the sides. If it is cut into 1 inch cubes, how many cubes are not painted at all.

6. What is the value of (0.75*0.75*.075-0.001) / (0.75*.75-0.075+0.01)
a)0.845 b)2.45 c)0.75 d)1
ans a

7. Abode means
a) b)dwelling
ans b

8. Ovation
a)applause b)guesture c) d)
ans a

9. If body: helmet:: finger:?
a)nail b)glove c)cannot be determined d)


1. A super key is

2. Find the odd one out

3. Find the odd one out
a)Oracle b)LINUX c)ingress d)DB/2
ans b

4. If GRANT is used to grant privileges to perform the queries what command is used to remove the permissions?
Ans revoke cmd

5. what is the output of the following
#define AREA(x) (3.14*x*x)
int main()
float a,r1=6.25r2=2.5;
printf(“n the area of the circle is %f”,a);
printf(“n the area of the circle is %f”,a);

6. Find if any error in the code
int i=1;
if (i>10)
a)two semicolon
b)for should be replaced by a while loop
c)complilation error
d)no error

7. when is index of a table used
a)when table is less range of values
b)when table is used frequently
c) when the table is small
d)when we use join statement with select and where clause

8. What is the output of the following
int i=-3, j=2, m, k=0;
m=++i && ++j || ++k
printf(“%d %d %d %d”, i, j, m, k);
a)-2 3 1 1 b) -2 3 0 1 c) -3 2 1 1 d)2 -3 0 1

Note all are not multi choice ans. Some questions have descriptive answers.
LEARN SQL, DBMS, puzzles type.