Sapient Placement Paper

Company: sapient

Hope this helps you get thru Siemens..

Eligibility Criteria
1. 60% aggr in BE and 65% aggr for MCA
2. NO BACKS allowed

We had three rounds
1 Written test
2 Technical round
3 HR round

Written test is for 50 marks out which 25-technical and 25- qt aptitude. 0.25 negative marking per question. Right answer carries 1 mark.

The technical questions include
· Determining the output for the given program (about 6 questions)
· Some OS questions (About Page fault)
· Networks questions Ch eta naS
· Some general questions on C and C++

Aptitude (R S Agarwal must do)
* Blood relations (6-7 questions SIMPLE)
* Series (about 7-8 NOT so easy)
1. 6:7::7 : __
2. 7:35::30 : ___

I don remember the tough ones but very much time consuming.
* Time and work
* Time and distance (about 1 or 2 questions)

Paper type- NOT SO TOUGH But attend both technical and aptitude as they carry individual cut-off. (Though cutoff of apti is more than tech)

Well technical round was hectic. They took 30-40 mins per candidate.

Every candidate who cleared the technical could clear the HR. Out of 150 people who took the test 29 were thru to technical and 13 could make it to siemens.

Campus recruitment is not the end of life. So don be dejected if you cant make it up. U Have a great opportunities waiting even OFF the CAMPUS. Destiny decides.


Sapient Placement Paper

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