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I had attended sapient test on 19/05/2006 in Bangalore for 1+ year experience

The test paper

We had two parts partA and part B—-

PartA: spend 40 min here

We are developing a website for a plane Reservation, once the user enters the from and

To Destination and the Date.The web site should display all the planes on that day in a

list of 10 planes at a time. The details are given by a node []

Each node gives following details

Node []

Flight Name ()

Flight Time ()

FromToDestination ()

isDirect ()

isStartOver ()

Flight Rate ()

Assume all the data are in arrays, the following conditions as to be followed while displaying

the list of flights

1. the flights should be displayed in the ascending order of rate

2. If price are equal then it should display direct flight first

3. If there are more than one flight with same rate and they are direct then the flight which

starts early will take the priority

4. If there are more flight at the same time than the one with ascending order of Organization

will take priority

5. I forgot one more condition

Write the method for all the process, no need to write exact code write all the methods and

business application

PartB: spend 20 min here(its very easy)

This is an application which converts an English language to piniac language which is

understood by small kids The software program is written and executed ,the program as to

add ‘ay’ to all the words starting with vowel at the end, if the word is starting with consents

peal the first letter and add at the end along with’ay’

The actual output

Erehay isay aay ayway ofay onvertingcay englishay toay iniacpay

Output of our software

Erehay isway away ayway ofway onvertingcay englishway toay iniacpay

Assume all the methods are ready and working don’t change the logic or add additional


Write the comments for the following code, and check for errors and bugs, we are

looking for your error correcting skills and code knowledge

Class piniac


is Vowel(char first)

{I’m not able to recall the exact code but its very easy with simple


addletter (first,’ a’);

addletter (first.’y’);

addletter (first,’′);


addletter (char first [],)


hope it will help others

Sapient Placement Paper

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