Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab

have the written test 4 the sap labs on 31st july and qualifed.

Interview was on same day 4 us.(hyd)

The pattern is as follows;

CAt pattern:
20 questions analogy: Questions on KYA KYA island 3,
one says lies other says true questions

II Data Interpretion 20 questions:

PIE Chart and Bar graphs 10 each total 20(attempt them very easy 5 mins)

III quants: simple preapre the basics time speed,ages father and
relations questions.relation questions (like there r 8 people 4 r
males 4 r females is father

questions were like how many males r there ?
whjat is the telation of a n c?..etc

IV english comprerhension 2 passages

One was abt renewable resources pertrlouem saving indian economy
searching 4 alternate resources of energy solar cooker………like

Read the questions and answer them directly no need to read the
entire passages both of them.

Basic grammer,meanings (sorry guys words I am unable 2 recollect)
Preapre model paers 4rm GRE and time MBA matreial was helpful 4 me.

Interview pattern:

Hr type : 2 puzzles ,talk abt some topic 4 2 minutes,talk abt ur
favorate subject 4 1min,ur projects and what u did and overall
idea…,puzzle was
1) there is a square 0f 3 rows n columns arrange numbers 1 to 9 such
that sum is same(expalin logic)

2) tis tac game…who chance is next??

Interview is easy just be kool headed and communicate properly…

Afetr Interview there will be an PAT(personal assessment test) simple
chill abt it…

thats all i know..time will be a factor be quick and dont leave 4
after solve or guess on the spot.