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Technical Test (CSE)


main() {
 int i=3;
 while (i— ) {
   int i=100;
   printf(“%d, i);

a) 99  99  99
b) 2  2  2
c) error
d) none of the above

2.Size of which data type is same irrespective of operating system.
a) char *
b) char
c) int
d)  float

3. main() {
  unsigned char c;
  for (c=0; c!=256; c+)
    printf(“%d, c);

how many times does the loop will be executed.
a) 256
b) 255
c) infinite

4. int (*P[10])(  )                      

Give the Description of the sentence

5. main() {
 int val = 50;
 int *ptr1 = val;
 int *ptr2 = ptr1;
 printf(“%d %d %d, ++val, *ptr1, *ptr2);
 *ptr2 = 100;
 printf(“%d %d %d,++val, *ptr1, *ptr2);

a) 51     50   50 101  100  100
b) 51     51     51 101   101   101
c) error
d) none of the above

Technical Test (EC/EN/EE)

1.        Equivalent Resistance between X & Y
2.        Two 230v, ‘x’ watts power wire are connected in parallel & it is used to heat water when the same is connected in series at same temp what is ratio of time taken by the two.
3.       Transformer turns ratio is 1:4 if primary resistance = 25ohms secondary resistance =?

4.        Capacitive Reactant = 40 ohms Frequency = 500hz If the freq is reduced to 100hz what is the value of resistance.
5.       If the resistance of wire of diameter ‘D’ & length ‘L’ is ‘R’ then the resistance of same wire of diameter 4D & length 16L is what?

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