Satyam placement paper & Interview

Company: satyam

Hi friends(This is Ganesh from ECM Department placed in SATYAM),

I always used to read all your experienes, I got placed in Satyam and most important thing, your mails helped me a lot.

Briefly: I am doing my 4th year, 1st sem, specialization ECM, in NARAYANA ENGG college, NELLORE , A.P.

March 29th, 30th, totally 2300 students from 16 Engg colleges, 700 selected for GD’s ,only 203 for INTERVIEW’s and finally 121 got into SATYAM.

Probability of selecting a student is only 5.2%. (Beware of this).

Same new pattern no change. 60% in all standards, Written, GD, Tech+HR interview.

Written: there will be 4 easy questions which can be answered in 5min, then try to do another 4 in 25 min, that’s all. This is for those who are fully confident of getting all those 8 right, because cutoff will be 7 at max 8. Others try to answer maximum and for some question we can eliminate 3 options easily. Be careful negative marking is there. One thing written test is easy.

GD: for me it is the easiest, because we have attended a lot of GD’s before and we are fully aware of GD’s. It is cake walk if you have some practice before and able to speak for some time grabbing the chance. Leadership qualities are seen more. Try to give a chance for people who are sitting idle, that’s all it’s a part of leadership quality. One great thing is the Satyam moderator who is rating our GD, finally gave us a compliment that our GD was a very good GD, we achieved this because we planned that all of us must speak and not to make the GD a fish market. And we covered a lot of points. Our GD topic was “EFFECT OF FILMS ON YOUTH AND SOCIETY” all of us were for the topic and before the end we also covered some negative aspects regarding that and some preliminary measures for those.

one more point, rather than speaking for long time at a time , speak many times i mean interact with the group.

Tech+HR interview: hear I am going to give the whole interview experience with some suggestions embedded in that, on the day of interview.


We were there in the our college by 8:30 AM, and we were made to fill a form by Satyam people [that was the main thing you will not be asked for the resume, every thing will be there in the form, no problem if you go with empty hands to the interviewer, they were asking northing] there were nearly 5 panels I think, we were the first batch to be called for the interview for one panel and my friend was called he went in [mean while I was preparing mentally to go with a smile like that….]and in short time he came out, and called my name. I entered the Computer lab and I walked a lot distance in the lab to his table (only one person is there) with erect posture and head always at 90 degrees [be careful he is observing every thing]. Then I stood like that, he did not give me hand and asked me to sit [you never propose a hand to him for shake hand].

INT: how are you?

ME: (full smiles) Fine sir

SUGG: Speak loud looking into his eyes, never get tense then confidence will be revealed from your words.

INT: ok Ganesh tell about yourself

ME: [I an lucky I prepared only that] I started “I am a reliable team member and a efficient leader(of my class), I used to participate in all the events conducted by the college form my engineering first year, I got selected for endeavor club, a literary club organized by students, there we conducted many GDs, debates …..In second year, cultural committee member..… In third year I was team leader for informal events and awarded as best organizer… I love working in teams [in this way I boasted all my achievements regarding reliable team member and efficient leader]”

INT: ok [he is very good, listening all the way without interrupting and encouraging me to tell more]

ME: I continued “I am a native of VIZAG, my father is a employee he is hardworking, friendly…. [and I praised my father and mother and said I am thankful to them]

INT: So what about you?

ME: I am Smart working rather than hardworking sir.

SUGG: It is very good if you praise and be thankful to your parents (mainly) and to college etc. It creates a positive impact on you.

ME: I continued “….. my brother is doing Engg in GITAM college.”

INT: do you want to go to USA ?

ME: No sir.

ME: I will go if satyam sends me [first time I got a little bit tense as I told two contradicting statements]

INT: ok [he took it light I think, I was lucky]

ME: I continued “my hobbies are playing chess and volley ball….my achievements….my awards… interests…. My goals” (that’s all I completed my self) I think it took 3 min.

SUGG: First enquire or search and explore about Satyam, I recognized they are want of dynamic people and want of leaders, that’s why I started my myself in that way. So you to explore Satyam and find the qualities which they want and which you have and I suggest start my self showing those qualities. [I think you all know a word document know as 64 toughest interview questions, follow the first question answer (tell about yourself) it helps a lot.

INT: very good, ok what do you know about Satyam?

ME: Sir it is ranking 2nd in outsourcing, and has a place in top 10 companies in India and I it has CMM level 5.

INT: What is CMM level?

ME: CMM means capability maturity model, Our company Is having level 5 which is the highest.

INT: what does it suggest?

ME: it tells how the projects are going on and it suggest how innovative the company is

INT: innovative?

ME: yes sir.

ME: and I heard that working environment is very good

INT: ok [he is patently hearing all the time]

SUGG: Always try to boost your self, if you are doing this it clearly resembles that you are enthusiastic to join in the company, and even interviewers are looking for those people.

INT: what are the subjects you are interested?

ME: I started with my first year subjects in engineering.

INT: what other subjects you are interested?

ME: C, C++

INT: Explain about C?

ME: [I did not get any idea as I did not prepare any thing for technical] I uttered it contains variables as the basic entities………, It has 32 keywords [I was uncomfortable]

INT: tell those keywords

ME: int, float, for , while………..I told nearly 20 he is noting down on the paper which I told, if I repeat he is telling me to check whether I told it before or not. [he is very good ]

INT: any questions?

ME: sir you want me to learn any languages like java and is .net necessary, So that I will be productive in our company

INT: No need, we will train our in every platform …………

ME: Sir In which platform we generally do our projects?

SUGG: it is good if we always use the words we, our rather than I and my.

INT: no separate platform it changes………….explained a lot

I was asked to write programs on LINKED LISTS and POINTERS then some questions on Computer networks and SQL,OS.(I took Gate Coaching in ACE-HYDERABAD that helped me to cope up technically).

INT: Fine,U are good at techincal?

ME : Thank U sir.

I had seen confidence in his eyes that I will selected.

INT: Any Questions?

ME: Can I do my final year project with reference to your company?

(Be careful this questions).

INT: you will know that after the Interview.

ME: ok sir, thank you sir [he has written some thing and offered his hand for shake and said all the best for ur future.]

[I think the whole interview took 18 min]

I was very happy but after meeting my friends they were telling all their experience. My friend who went before to the same panel explained me that, he(int) gave shake hand at the starting and at the end he wished all the best and he only gave the hand, and one more person who went to the same panel told that he(int) wished him all the best and told meet in the evening. I was shell shocked

Our interview was over in the first hour only on that day(30/3/07) and I was waiting for the result, with my mind filled with confusion and I nearly analyzed my whole interview nearly 5 times. And at 3:00 clock in the afternoon, they were calling all the names who got selected in the order. My friend who went before me was selected. AND THE NEXT NUMBER WAS MINE …. (and My friends Shouted like any thing)You can understand. We had a photo with our friends who got selected taken by the college authorities, and out side we had a great number of hugs with our friends.


I feel, 80%(technical) + English + Confidence. Got me the success

Satyam is a very good company; working in these types of companies gives us a great work experience. And good thing is there is a hike of 2.7 lacks per annum.
One important thing is I am always ready to help you as I got help from you.

Satyam placement paper & Interview

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