Satyam Placement Paper

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Today On 26/03/2007 i participated in a open Campus at MPEC Kanpur. there where 1108 students who filled the forms.

the Paper was the toughest i have ever seen. The lower cut off was as low as 4 with no upper cutoff but highest mark scored was 8.5
my name was announced I was very happy…

This was my first try..

Few Questions are as follows:
1:- To calculate the cost of painting 4 walls(10* 5* 12 m) of a room with only one door of (2*3) we should:
a. data 1 is sufficient
b. data 2 sufficient
c. both 1 ,2 sufficient
d. insufficient data

2. A series was given:
20,25,30,28,35,42,36,?,54,66,77,88 Find ?.

3. A can do a work with probability 1/2, b with 3/9 and c with 6/11.. find probablity that working together they will not do it.

4. 2 lt of mixture has 1/3 water and rest spirit. it is mixed with 5 lt of sample with 1/5 water and rest spirit.Find the ratio of water and spirit.

5.A pyramid Was given

956 956

123 111 123

20 16 16 20

3 2 1 2 3

6. A Ques was on number generator…(don remember the series given…..)
7. A Ques on coding…..(VERY TOUGH)
8.area of cicrle inscribed in a square of area 147 sq m.
9. A ques was on CI & SI. CI was given rate was given time was given. had to find Si for the same sum at same conditions.
10. A figure sequence was given.. HAD to deternine next step..(VERY VERY TRICKY)

Rest i DON Remember………………….TAKE CARE BEST OF LUCK
I got selected for GD which is on 31st march.. will share my experineces in a weeks time

Satyam Placement Paper

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