Company: satyam

1) if a boy goes at 15kmph and returns back at 20kmph what is his avg. speed easy one just 2x15x20/(20+15).

2) A pyramid Q just adding two down numbers with the top one

3) A very easy Q on clocks what is angle between the hands when time is… ans 160min

4) Reasoning ques which is not seen but tough

5) A ques on probability when a die and coin tossed what is the probability of getting a head and 6 on top.

6) Series ques 2, 4, 6, 5,?, 9, 8, 10, 12 ans 7.

7) Another ques on reasoning like farmers growing crops and govt.’s subsidies for that just we have obtain the INFERENCE of the Para easy one.

8) Reasoning Q similar to PUZZLE TEST OF R.S.AGGARWALS NON VERBAL REASONONG just by drawing table u can find the answer.

9) Pie diagram showing a states growth in different categories and Q related to a particular category.

10) Routine question if 0 replaced by 1 and vice versa then what is sum of two numbers 0101010 =1010101 =85.

11) Question on reasoning related to figures to find the fourth successive figure using first three given ones easy.

12) Problem on multiplication a bit logical

That’s all I remember of written please excuse for other Qs So after waiting for 3hrs results were out 650 cleared. They divided into 65 batches of 10 basing on the alphabetical order of their names. Luckily I had GD on next day so prepared well before day some of my friends had on first day.

Day 2: 10th Feb 07.
For remaining students they conducted GD’S and totally they took 90+45=135.


I MADE THE INITIATIVE AND supported the topic and a strong opposition from another girl but not aggressive went cool Before starting my moderator gave us two minutes to make points but that is not the case in case of other HR so please be prepared. Other topics include

1.solution to terrorism in india.
2.role of youth in reducing corruption.
3.illeteracy and unemployment go hand in hand. necessary to enter politics.
5.brain drain good for india
6.printing media vs electronic media. us a friend or foe to india.
8.are women better employees.
9.sports persons are they on an endorsement spree?
10.kbc money making or money gaining?

That’s all about GD’S and the filtration is more on second day and from my group only two were selected. There are some batches where not even one has been selected so please be sure about the points and the batch should not be AGRRESSIVE AT ANY COST. SO 135 went for HR, after filling form of satyam, I had my slot at 3:30pm. Around 8 persons were waiting before my HR panel so it took around an hour to get my chance means TEST FOR PATIENCE.

Finally my number called


Me: may i come in sir.
Hr: please come in take ur seat
Me: thank you sir.
Hr: well raghavendra ur frm eee
Me: yes sir
Hr: so why did u choose soft ware?
Me: i gave a splendid answer and is received well by him.
Hr: what about ur project?
Me: i gave complete information about my project i am the team leader of my batch so i had a profound knowledge over it and did not stop for almost 5 min.
(hr is very much impressed by the way i answered the question)

Hr: what about ur exra curricular activities
Me: i gave information abt my poster, participation in shaastra-06 iit madras, nss volunteer,also my experience in organising concours (an event conducted by my college)
Hr: why should i hire u?
Me: i said all my strenghts including time boundedness in completing the tasks and my leadership qualities in organising concours
Hr: do u have any questions
Me: can i have my feedback
Hr: ur english speaking fluentzy is good, suggested t learn cpp and to improve your writing skils (should be able to use grammatically perfect sentences at high level)
Hr: please wait for the result and congratulated me.