Company: satyam

Hi friends….. I attended satyam campus interview held by SHREDS organisation kerala
No.of students attended : 45000
No.of students got through written : 800
No.of students selected for satyam : 417

The recruitment process are of 2 stages

In written test the questions are 15 and duration is 30 min. the aptitude questions are easier than logical reasoning.
2.time & work (2 ques)
3.c programming (1 ques)
4.Series(1 ques)
5.simple interest & compound interest(1 ques)
6.profit & loss( 1ques)
7.percentage (1ques)
8.paragraph conclusions(3 ques)
9 Data sufficiency (1quees)
10 logical reasoning (3 ques)

There is 1/4th negative marking in written test. It doesn’t have sectional cutoff but it have both lower cutoff. And higher cutoff, so we should concentrate on these cutoff. In my point of view the best cutoff is 6-10. it may varies with different papers.

the questions was entirely different 4m the earlier year which had been posted here ,so make sure that u r well prepared
we got shocked after looking the paper but any how we got through

1. Aptitude
2. Logical and reasoning

ques:1 a retailer increases the marked price by 25% nd giving discount of 12% so how much profit he ll get
a..12% b.20% c.10% d. 30% e.none of these

Ques:2 there are 12 marbles ,11 marbles are having the same weight 1 marbles is less or high .in how many weighing u ll find out the result

a: 3 b: 4 c: 6 d: 7

ques:3 A can do a work alone in 8 days ,nd can do together wd B in 6 days so how many days b can do the same work

ques:4 if rs 2000 amounts is given,find the compound intrest ,if the rate is 10% nd duration 2yr 8month

ques:5 T=2
again: T1=T1*1000
print T1+T2+T3+T4+Tt5
if T<3 goto again Ques:6 series 110, 120 243 255 ? Ques:7 time nd workk simple 1 rest ques was 4m the passage nd logical reasonig ques: 12 murderer is worst thancrime ,crime is worst than theif nd ans was give quite confuisng INTERVIEW: My interview was of only 6 minutes 1: introduce urself and he stop me when i told my native and aftr some time he told me to start 4m the point wer u stop i 4get eventhough i started confidently with few points 2:Tell me about LVDT displacemnt sensor it was my mini project i ans it in simple manner 3: He asked strength and weakness after that he told well kush w8 4 the result it ll b published soon 1. The unit of force in S I system of units is A. dyne B. Kilogram C. Newton D. Watt ans C 2. the angle bet two forces when the resultant is max and min respectively are A. 0 and 180 B. 180 and 0 C. 90 and 180 D. 90 and 0 ans. 90 and 180 (I guess) 3. which of the following is a proper sequence Ans: Yielding, proportionality limit, elastic limit, Failure 4.Whenever a material is loaded with in elastic limit stress is ………….strain Ans: Directly proportional 5. The Strain energy stored in a spring when subjected to max load, with out permanent distortion…… Ans: Proof resilience (Doubt) 6. A definite area or space where some TD process takes place is….. Ans. Thermodynamic cycle (Doubt) 7. The absolute 0 temp is taken as Ans. -273 deg cent 8. The measurement of a TD Ppty known as temp is based on A 0th law of TD B. 1st law C. 2nd law D. None 9. A close vessel made of steel and used for generation of steam is… Ans. Steam boiler 10. When the circulation of water in a boiler is by a centrifugal pump then the boier is known as 1. Internaly fired 2. Externally fired 3. Natural circulation Boiler 4. Forced circulation boiler 11. Which boiler is best suited to meet fluctuation demand of steam 1. locomotive 2. Lancashire 3. Cornish 4. Babcock and Wilcox 12. In a 4 stroke engine the sequence of operations is Ans. Suction, Compression, Expansion and Exhaust 13. Stochiometric ratio is 14. Diesel as compared to Petrol is Ans. More difficult to Ignite 15. Eulers EQN can be used for Ans. All of the above 16. Only Rocket engines can be propelled to space because Ans. They can generate very high Thrust 17. The actual power supplied by the engine crank shaft is called Ans. Brake Power. I think this much is enough to pass GD topics 1. Role of money in politics. 2. Impact of movies on real life.