1)Five trays cost is 0.35 each and dozen—–

2)In a journey of 15 miles two third distance was traveled with 40 mph and remaining with 60 mph. How much time the journey takes…
(ans:20 min)

3)A man walks from 9.15 to 5.15 from Monday to Friday and 9.00 to 12.00 on Saturday. Each day 0.45 min lunch. How much time he
walks in a week…
(ans: 39hrs15min).

4) 12 revolutions takes 1/8 th second time. In 20 seconds how many revolutions…

5) In 60 reams of paper 40 reams were utilized then what percent will remain…

6) A started at 9.00 am with 6 mph and B started at 9.30 am with 8mph in the same direction. At what time they will meet…

7) In a storage stall of 5x3x2inch.How many blanks of size 2x1x1inch can be stored..

8) In a company 3/5 of people know shorthand 1/4th know typing and 1/5 know both. What fraction of people do not know both..

9) A man how many bikes of Rs 14000 can buy by selling 2100 bikes of Rs500/- of each
(ans: 75)

10) A company requires 11,500 strength. Present employees are 200 women , men and 6500 unmarried To reach the target how many women required to maintain the same ratio
(ans : 300)

11) What is the time required to punch 1500 cards of 50 column each at the rate of 10,000 punches per hour
(ans:7hr 30min)

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