Hexaware Technologies
Hexaware Technologies

Company: Hexaware Technologies

The selection process consisted of 3 rounds

I Written test

The pattern is total 100 questions 1 hour time

1.check out the old 98 hexaware paper few qs are from that

2.few qs on tracing the output(simple ons).

3.basic question on computer awarness(very simple ones like expand WAP, etc very simple ones

4.choose the odd man out type of questions ex A E I O choose the odd man.

5.simple math qs like 199^2 – 24^2 etc.

6.opposites and synonymsmanage your time properly


III Technical/ HR Interview.

Hexaware – Interview Procedure

The information on the interview is pretty sketchy but it may consist of both technical grilling and HR interview. The written test for Hexaware consists of three sections. The first section is a Computer Awareness Section. The second section is an Aptitude Section which has questions on basic mathematics. In the third section a C program is given and the output of the program is to be found. This section has the maximum weightage

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