Siemens Information Systems Limited Placement Paper

Company: Siemens Information Systems Limited

25 qns tech n 25 qns quant. 0.25 negative marking cut off is 8 and 12 respectively : –
time limit 35 min.
Round -1
1. A c++ prgm is given n find the output(a static function calls a nonstatic function)
2. what is normalization( choices are all very similar so read the proper defn frm textbook.
3. In UNIX how to delete a file? ans>> ‘rm’ command
4 In UNIX how to concatenate or see the details of a file ? and is ‘cat>>filename’ cmd
5. qn related to editors in UNIX ans is’ vi editor’
6. in java to ensure that no threads are being updated simultaneously monitors are used and also synchronised keyword is used.
7. sm qn related to oracle window application.
8. what is primary key?
9. oracle is a rdbms

1. qn related to time n work
2. qn related to typing papers (related to time n work) ans is 75 or sm value in 70s.
3. qn related to percentage
4 qn related to profit n loss
5.qn related to simple interst
6. qn related to time, speed n distance where distance is miles per hr and time is in minutes.
7. complete the series
1,4,9,16,? ans is 25
two more such series
8. encryted word(each alphsbet replaced by its next)
two of such ones
9. 4+x^2= x^3? whats x? ans x=2

start quantitaive frm behind as its easy n one can finish it fast.

Technical cum HR.

qns asked.
1. what is normalization?
2. what r the types of normal forms no explaination was asked
3. explain all projects done.
rest all qns wer hr

Technical cum HR

Qns asked
1. if u delete an entry frm table what can u do?
ans rollback if delete is used and cant rollback if truncate is used they asked me if i knew the concept of recovery but i didnt know as it was not thr in syllabus

2. explain the difference between delete n truncate
ans delte is ddl nad truncate is dml with truncate the structure of database is lost

3. whats a foreign key or wats the referential intergrity constraint?

4 in MS Access wats created first the table or dtabase? its database
REst all wer Hr qns

Round -3
qns asked
1. favourite subject in college.
As I said datawarehousing next qn was difference between datbase n datawarehouse

2. rest all wer hr qns

Siemens Information Systems Limited Placement Paper

About Siemens Information Systems Limited

With a focus on electrification, automation and digitalization, Siemens India stands for engineering excellence, innovation, and reliability. As one of the world’s biggest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a pioneer in infrastructure and energy solutions, automation and software for industry and is a leader in medical diagnosis. Siemens also provides business-to-business financial solutions, rail automation and wind power solutions.visit offical Website of Siemens Information Systems Limited Placement Paper for more details.

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