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1. Which of following operator can’t be overloaded.
a) ==
b) ++
c) ?!
d) <= 2. For the following C program #include
{printf(“Hello World”);}
The program prints Hello World without changing main() ,the output should
Hello World
The changes should be
a) IOstream operator<<(iostream os, char*s)      os<<'intialisation'<<(Hello World)<x;
a )1, 2, 3
b) 2 & 3
c) 1 & 2
d) 1, 3, 4

21. Automatic variables are destroyed after fn. ends because
a) Stored in swap
b) Stored in stack and poped out after fn. returns
c) Stored in data area
d) Stored in disk

22. Relation between x-application and x-server (x-win)

23. What is UIL(user interface language) (x-win)

24)Which of the following is right in ms-windows
a) Application has single qvalue system has multiple qvalue
b) Application has multiple qvalue system has single qvalue
c) Application has multipleqvalue system has multiple qvalue
d) None

25. Widget in x-windows is

26. Gadget in x_windows is

27. Variable DESTDIR in make program is accessed as

28. The keystroke mouse entrie are interpreted in ms windows as
a) Interrupt
b) Message
c) Event
d) None of the above

29. Link between program and outside world (ms -win)
a) Device driver and hardware disk
b) Application and device driver
c) Application and hardware device
d) None

30. Ms -windows is
c) bothof the above
d) none of the above

31. Dynamic scoping is

32. After logout the process still runs in the background by giving the command

33. Which process dies out but still waits
a) Exit
b) Wakeup
c) Zombie
d) Sleep

34. In dynamic memory allocation we use
a) Doubly linked list
b) Circularly linked
c) B trees
d) L trees
e) None

35. To find the key of search the data structure is
a) Hash key
b) Trees
c) Linked lists
d) Records

36. Which of the following is true
a) Bridge connects dissimiler LANand protocol insensitive
b) Router connects dissimiler LANand protocol insensitive
c) Gateway connects dissimiler LANand protocol insensitive
d) None of the above

37. Read types of tree traversals.

38. Read about SQL/Databases

39.A DBMS table is given along with simple SQL statements. Find the output.

40. Simple programs on pointers in c