SLASH SUPPORT Placement Paper


Interview with slash support

hai guyz

I blive unlike any otr company’s interview tis one s comparitively easy.
The reason lies in the fact tht there is just one big elimination round…..i don really know how they eliminate when interviews are carried off campus…

So all i had to deal was a GD , an online test on networking and a personal interview…

Nw i wont call tis a GD as such bcoz they gave us 4 topics and we were given the permission 2 speak among anyone of them…the basic reason was they just wanted to know our communication skills.
i don remeber all the topics but one was “The latest movie i saw” notr one was “The most memorable day of my life”….n evryone selected the topic they found gud

They eliminated most of the guyz from tis round

Nw the next part was an online test on networking…well around 90 questions a majority was from networking then a few on English grammer and a few mathematical problems mostly AP ,GP …etc…networking questions was not tht deep ,it was comparitively easy..

Here the elimination was very less…

Nw the next round was the personal interview….here the elimination part was very less…all they asked me was to describe myself… about my family background….mom …….n stuff like tht
then bout my strength n weakness…n the main ting they askd me was am i ready 2 work in US timezones….well thts it…

So all i would like to tell is tht its really easy just ur communication shd be gud n the main ting s tht u must be ready to work according to US timing….i mean work at nite….So for guyz who find workin at nite a hard part they wont take u…

SLASH SUPPORT Placement Paper

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