Softsol Placement Paper

Company: Softsol

Hi Friends,

This is Bhavani. Recently I hav attended for Softsol written test


1. Maths (related to intermediate complex no., logarithsms, locus and permutation and comibnation, time and work and percentage)
2. Reasoning
3. Computer and IT knowledge


1. if z1 z2 z3 are the vertices of a triangle then which of the following condition satisfies for a equilateral triangle

2. if c1 is the fixed cirlce and c2 is the variable cirlce then locus found by common transverse tangents of these is b.ellipse c.parabola d.none

3. arrange 5x’s in the below block such that each row should not be empty figur has 2blocks in first row and 3 blks in 2nd and 4 in 3rd.
looks like 00

4. if 10,000lit of a soluton contains 500lt of nacl then out of which 2500 llit of water get evaporated then nacl % is

5. log (sqrscos2a + sqrcos2b – (cos2a +cos2b))
value is depend on a and b both, independent of a and b

6. Student can select atmost n books from (2n+1). ways of selecting atleast 1 book is 63 then value of n is

7. Greatest common divisor of x and y cannot be
a.1 b.x c.y d.x-y e.none

Reasoning is very simple, it is very easy

Computer Knowledge is
1. super computer india–
2. something related oto .bat .com .exe
3. one is total history of somputer development
4. binary to decimal representation

these all i remember and awaiting for result

Softsol is a average comapny. it has 2yrs of bond and further which interview i hav no idea…

Softsol Placement Paper

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