Softsol Placement Paper

Company: Softsol

Hello Friends,

I wrote SoftSol exam on April 2nd 2006. Results will be revealed after 1 week.
After I wrote the exam I am making it available to u all the pattern of the exam.

30 QUESTIONS , 30 Minutes

3 Papers
1) Aptitude (10)
2) Reasoning (10)
3) Computer Knowledge (10)

In aptitude they asked complex numbers ( Intermediate) , Logarithms, Work and time, General

In Reasoning they asked all conclusion derivation questions.
Eg: They give us some statements and a sentense derived from that: then ask that whether this derived stmt can be derived from the given stmts.

In Computer section, they asked abt general knowledge, ( super computer of INDIA) , Byte to Decimal conversions, etc . Some other batch got C++, C, other computer related questions.

Each group has different pattern of papers.So u may get the same also.

Hey exam is very easy, all can write that,


Softsol Placement Paper

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