Company: Sony India Private Ltd

SONY INDIA SOFTWARE Interview and Aptitude Questions

Aptitude Test : 70 Minutes
Quantitative : 20 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 0 Minutes
Verbal English : 10 Minutes
Technical : 40 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
The Aptitude test was conducted by Merit Track. It was dead easy and were asked from R.S.Agarwal. Students who are going for CAT or GRE don’t feel any difficulty. Coming to technical, all are from Balaguruswamy. Non-Circuit guys should go through it briefly and should know A,B,C’s in it.

It was not at all a technical. Infact HR may be apt. I being a non-circuit guy was asked only one question and that too in the end about calloc and malloc. But the panel members were very friendly and cool. I didn’t feel like interview but just as an interaction. He asked like “what would you do if I were in the Ghajimi movie’s role, about
hobbies and tell me about yourself..that’s all.It lasted for 15 min or so.

Here also again the same question. Tell me about yourself, strengths and weaknesses. But they interrupted a lot in
the process of saying and asked me to continue again. Few general questions and stuff. That’s all. It lasted for 10
min or so.

It was very cool and nice experience. They issued offer letter then and there. At the end, a happy ending.

Just be cool and pleasant. Have a smile on your face so that it will be good to see. Just be confident in whatever you are answering. Finally, I would conclude by saying ALL THE BEST.