Steel Authority of India Placement Papers

Company: Steel Authority of India Limited

I’m Shreyansh. I’m from Electrical stream. I have appeared for written exam of SAILl for M.T.

There were total 200 questions out of which 100 technical, 25 general knowledge, next 25 are of English, next 50 based on aptitude and reasoning. Total time was 2.30 hour.


From questions no.1 to 100 are of technical, about 40 questions are from electronics 2-3 based on transistors, 2-3 based on Fourier transformation, 1-2 questions based on Z-transformation, 2 questions. based on OP-AMP, Some questions.

I remembered are.

1. TRIAC is like Two parallel thyristor, Two Anti parallel thyristor, 2 parallel Diode, 2 Anti parallel Diode.

2. Transformer principle- self induction, mutual induction, static induction, dynamic induction.

3. Relative speed of magnetic fields in synchronous machine between stator and rotor, Zero is right option.

4. Insulation of EHV transmission lines is based on- Switching voltage

5. 2-3 questions are from back side of C.L. wadhwa.

6. 2-3 questions are from back side of P. S. bhimra of machines.

7. What is d cause of not starting of single phase I.M. but making humming noise even when full voltage is applied.

8. Why 3-phase I.M. widely used. All the reasons you read were in option but all of these was not the option, so the best you know may be the answer.

9. IGBT is in general a combination of npn BJT with n channel mosfet and like this other options.

10. For peak load which power plant is suitable- diesel, nuclear, hydro, steam.

11. An extra pin in 3-plug is given for- to provide earthing, prevent from short ckt etc.
Overall tech. portion was not so tough, except some electronics questions.


In English first 15 questions are based on Synonyms, Fill the correct word (generally articles). For the next 10 questions. They give 2 Much complicated passage ( I think that are of microprocessor or from any computer science subject, which they asked as English Language Passage). You have to read THE HINDU news paper with concentration, if you want attempt this part.

G.K. was easy comparatively.

1. 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratn Award is given to- Sania nehwal

2. BIHU is local dance of which state- Asam

3. 2012 Olympic will organize in- London.

4. Sign of Indian Rupees is made by. D. uday kumar.

5. Brahm Society was established by- Raja Rammohan Ray

6. State of max. population in density in India- W.B.

7. Who is the ex-officio of planning commition of india is- P.M., President, Lok sabha speaker etc

8. Which temple is made up by cutting Kailasa Mount- Ajanta, Alora,elephentas etc

9. 20-20 cricket world cup winner of 2010- England

10. Which river drains in Arabian Sea- Tapi, Godavari, Krishna etc

11. Which country is recently become the member of SAARC- Myanmar, Sri lanka, Bhutan etc.

12. Durand line is in between of which two states

13. Currency of Bhutan is

And some more questions I don’t remember but this portion was not so tough.

Aptitude & Reasoning:

For doing this section I will suggest you to go through R.S. Aggrawal Book of quantitative aptitude and reasoning BUT do tough questions don’t do easy question and time is main factor for cracking this paper.

All the best for next papers

Pintooji Prabhakar & Shreyansh jain

Steel Authority of India Placement Papers

About Steel Authority of India

Steel Authority of India Limited is a government owned steel manufacturing enterprise based in New Delhi, India. It is under the ownership of Ministry of Steel, Government of India with an annual turnover of INR 66,267 Crore for fiscal year 2018–19. Incorporated on 24 January 1973, SAIL has 64,628 employees..visit offical website of Steel Authority of India Limited for more details.

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