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Subex Systems

Subex Systems Placement Paper

Company: Subex Systems

Glad To tell that I got placed in Subex,

First is aptitude test, prepare well C basics.. esp POINTERS. And be prepared to write full programs.. mostly based on FILE.. Read command line arguments, reversing words in file, selecting all words with Capital letters in a file etc etc. After writing the program write comments which is a good practise. Once u have cleared the aptitude u wil have to go through 3 interviews.

1) Technical Interview:-> Different panels asks variety questions. they will ask us to rate ourself in all subjects like C CPP OS DBMS DS etc etc And start asking questions from each topic.

sample questions:
Wht are diff modules in OS?
Write a program to implement queue using pop() and push() functions of stack?
Write programs using files,. etc
Scheduling Algorithm in OS.. etc
How can we implement concpets of private public protected in C?
(using structures.. if we define a member as extern it will be oublci.. normal members are accesible within tht fuile only.. so its private only)
Mostly basic questions. Prepare well!

2)Again one more technical interview.
here its a bit tough. They will ask more questions from mostly all subjects!
About diff looping, branching statements, differences b./w continue break goto etc etc
sample codes will be given and we have to write o/p.
Classes objects. OOP concepts, Polymorphism.. program using virtual functions, pointers.
Questions from electronics also were asked to CS students. Like half adder. full adder. karnough maps. etc
Explain private, public and protected… then inheritance.. they asked virtually everything!!

tech 1 may be over in 10 minutes for may extend 30 minutes.

Once u clear 2 tech rounds u are almost there. I think they rarely reject someone after HR.
HR is a bit lenghty. Make sure u visit SUBEX website very well. Subex Share Price (its around 450rs now)
What all business subes has?
Why Subex over other companies?
Wht are the things which attracted u to software and subex?
(i was already placed in infy wipro asked me why subex over infy?? etc etc)
BE prepared with exact points.
i was asked to tell 3 points from the ppt which caught ur attention.
answers: subex is a small company still it has worlds top clients.
the daring nature of subex..-subex acquired sysndesis which is much larger in size.
Wht is ur dream etc?

then i was asked about the software development
cycle.. If u have read pankaj jalote for SE then u can easily asnwer.. I havent read tht. But i answered with common sense and it was fine.
then asked whts the difference b/w a software application
company and software product company?
Ans:Application means it is designed to suit the needs fo a particual company.. eg : wipro, tcs, infosys/ (they have some products also.. eg: Finacle of infosys)
Products are not meant for a particular company. Its a generic product.. like windows, yahoo messenger. etc etc eg: Microsoft
, Subex, Aditi etc etc
Then about parents family bkground… etc etc

Cijo Thomas

Subex Systems Placement Paper

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