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Subex Systems

Subex Systems Placement Paper

Company: Subex Systems

I gave my Subex test. It was easy. waiting for results.

Well, these are the questions.
30 min (C technical) + 30 min (C program)

The program were on FILES.

1.write a program, to replace the strings in a file. The programs are provided with the command line agruments, arguments are string to be searched, string which is replaced n output to another file.
eg: in a file “str1″ string is searched n should be replaced by “str2″ in the output file.

2.write a program using files, in a file search for string ‘a’ and if it is followed by a vowel then, replace ‘a’ by ‘an’ n save it to another file. a file, reverse the entire line and check if palindrome words are present.

4.write a program on file redundency.

Objective c questions were from pointers, arrays.

I hope this will help u. ALL THE BEST..

Subex Systems Placement Paper

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