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Subex Systems

Subex Systems Placement Paper

Company: Subex Systems

The test was for an hr..
30 minutes of objective C questions….here 20 C programs were asked. I mean totally C (Xpect nothing else but C)concentrate mostly on files, pointers and data structures….
There was negative marking…

The other 30 minutes are slotted for programming
2 C progrming questions were asked out of whch v are asked to select jus 1 and write the code..
here are the 2 questions i got…

1> write a C prog to search within a file a “source word” replace it with a corresponding “replaced word”. the input file, the source word and the replaced words are specified by the user in the command line.

2> write a C prog to search within a file any word wch starts with “a” if the word following this “a” starts with a vowel…then replace this “a” with “an”. redirect the o/p onto an o/p file. the source file and destination file are specified by the user in the cmd line…

If you havn’t prepared for it properly.. u lose.. I mean its not all that hard as told by some candidates earlier…. pointers, files…are the main focus.

Subex Systems Placement Paper

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