syntel Services Pvt. Ltd
syntel Services Pvt. Ltd

SYNTEL Placement Paper

Company: syntel Services Pvt. Ltd

Interview and the HR Questions

1. Which type of movies do you like?
2. Tell me about your educational background?
3. How can I reach your Residence, because I don’t the place where you are residing at chennai?
4. What is your ambition?
5. Then he asked some questions from Microprocessors?
6. What is a JMP command, MOV command?
7. How many registers are there in 8086?
8. What is a Accumulator?
9. What is the specialty of Accumulator?
10. What is JC and JNC?
11. What is AD Converter (Analog-to-Digital) and How it works?
12. What is lower-level programming and Higher-level programming?
13. Why Microprocessor is called as Lower-level programming?
14. What are all the advantages of using Higher-level programming?
15. Is Microprocessors 8086 32-bi t or 16-bit?
16. Today’s Economic Times contains how many pages?( Since I mentioned Economic Times in the form provided by SYNTEL at the Interview)
17. What is the color of Economic Times?
18. In what level do you represented in “Badminton”? (Since I mentioned Badminton at the Sports / games column in the form)
19. Is there any questions for you to ask,

SYNTEL-Placement Paper-Feb 2005

The test was pure aptitude (maths ,vocab &logical).
I had done basics for CAT so I cleared.Interview was general & technical .
I was asked about past projects & few gen knowledge questions on telecoms (like what is P.M.P.O.)
which I could not answer .Interviewer was very cool & friendly.I think he was looking for comm skills
&confidence. One of my friend (very good technically) answered lack of comm skills as his weakness
which I think was reason for his failure.

SYNTEL-Placement Paper-jan 2006

1. In how many ways can 12 different books be divided equally among a) 4 sets or groups b) 4 persons
Ans : a) 15400 b) 369600

2. If 7 parallel lines are intersected by another 7 parallel lines, find the no. of parallelograms thus formed.
Ans : 441

SYNTEL Placement Paper

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