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Syntel Placement Paper – Jan 2011


1. equanimity
2. sequester
3. apathetic
4. dislodge
5. sedate


1. celeberate:marriage::
a. window:bedroom b. lument:barevemant
c. pot:pan d. face:penalty

2. neglegent:requirement::
remises:duty cognet:argument
easy:hard careful:position

3. Germ:disease::
man:women doctor:medicine
war:destrustion shopkeeper:goods

4. bouquet:flower::
skin:body chain:link
product:factory page:book

5. letter:word::
club:people page:book
product:factory picture:paper

6. One monkey climbs a poll at the rate of 6mts/min and fell down 3mts in the alternately. Length of the poll is 60 mts , how much time it will take to reach the top? a. 31 b.33 c.37 d.40 (ans: 37)

7. X men work for X days to produce X products, then Y men can produce Y products in – – – – days. (ans: y^3/x^2)

8. sqrt(12 + sqrt(12) + ((sqrt(12) +………………….infinity) = ? (ans: 4)

9. consider a square ABCD, in which E is the mid-point of BC & F is that of CD. Now find the ratio of area of triangle AEF to the area of square ABCD. (ans: 3/8)

10. Maximum numbers that can be formed using all the 4 digits 6 4 8 1 without repetition and which is divisible by 9.(Ans: none)

11. Find the number of sides of a regular convex polygon whose angle is 40degrees.

12. a+b+c=0, then roots of ax^2+bx+c=0 is

13. imagenary 2.real 3.coincidental

14. Difference b/w the compound interest and simple interest for Rs.2500 for 2 years is given. find the rate of interest.

15. there was one more question on S.I and C.I

16. The minimum number by which 60 is to be multiplied to generate a square.

Ans: 15

18. A monkey climbs 6 mts and falls 3mts in alternate minutes. Then time taken to climb a tree 60metres high?

a. 35 b.37 c.32 d.34 (answer is 37)

19. A bucket contains z drops. and it leaks x drops in t secs.then the time required to empty the bucket (in minutes).

20. 6 pipes fill or empty the cistern. find the number of emptying pipes if it takes 18hrs to fill and 18 hrs to empty.

21.The largest no: which is a factor of 1080 and 729

22. No: of spheres of radius 1 that can be got from sphere of radius.

23. Value of 2 particular variables in C(MAXINT and some other constant)

24. What do you need to do to open more than 10 files simultaneously in Microsoft Operating System? -change stdio.h/change CONFIG.SYS/compiler dependent

25. if a sales man gets successive gain of 15% and 20% then his actual gain?

ans. 38