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Agile software development Placement Paper

Agile software development Placement Paper Company: Agile software development java: (1)find out three keywords(a)synchronized(b)implement(c)throws etc(2)which are not keywords(a)NULL(b)synchronizeetc (3)two to three questions on legal array declaration(a)int a[][]=new int[3][3];(b)int[] a[]=new int[3][3];(c)int a[3][4]=new int[3][4];wrong(d)int[3][4] a=new int[3][4];wrong(e)int a[][]=new int[3][4]; (4)++i+++j is equivalent to(a)i+j+1(b)i+j+2(c)i+j(d)can’t be compiled(correct) (5)the content of the array after execution of following statement:int a[][]=new int[3][3];(a)all elements […]