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Flextronics Placement Papers at Durgapur

Flextronics Placement Papers Company: Flextronics Software Systems Flextronics The written paper comprised 7 sections. There were 90 questions and total duration was 1hr 50min,each section had a different time limit. The question paper was taken away at the end of the allotted time for each section There was no negative marks1.Verbal( English)2.Aptitude3.Mental Ability. (4.Data Structures […]

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flextronic paper kolkata

Company: Flextronics Software Systems Section C 1. an lead compensator zero is at Z=Zc, pole is at P=Pc then the following is correct a. Pc > Zc, pc< 0, zc< 0 b. c. 2. gain margin of g(s)h(s)=1/s(s+k); a. sqrt(1+k2) b. 0 c. infinity d. 1 3. machestor code does not improves a. clock recovery […]

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FLEXTRONICS Technical & Interveiw

Company: Flextronics Software Systems I hv attended flextronics interview process..written was in 10th sept nd intrv was in 18th Sept….b4 going 2 intrv u shld prepare urself very well in ur project…dey ii ask almost all the questionsfrom ur project…dey also ask u to do c programs such as sorting, fibonnaci series..simple data structure programs….networking […]

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Flextronics Software Systems (FSS) Placemet Paper

Company: Flextronics Software Systems Flextronics Software Systems(FSS) has acquired HUGHES Software Systems(HSS) in 2004. There for you can refer HUGHES profiles & Papers for FSS/HSS Recruitments. Flextronics Software Systems (FSS) is a global leader in the convergence marketplace, providing solutions for Voice over Packet, SS7 Signaling, IMS, Broadband, Datacom, Wireless, Billing and OSS, Communication Applications […]