IBM Technical Paper

Company: IBM India Pvt Limited 1. FLOP is the unit of – I)clock speed, ii)frequency….i ii)memory, iv)processors speed. 2. main() { printf(hello); main(); } how many times it will print? 3. complexity of heap sort(ans:o(nlogn). 4. what will be the […]

IBM Sample Paper I

Company: IBM India Pvt Limited 1.what is the digit in the unit place of pow(7,625). ans: 7 2.find the no. of revolution ,when a coin rounds along the perimeter of another similar coin? ans:1. 3.a data interpretation regarding population during […]

IBM Sample Paper V

Company: IBM India Pvt Limited ) I give a jcl code with Programmer name: smith Jobname:ABC Jobclass=c Message class = a All messages are to be displaced code it in a JCL. A) //ABC,smith,class=c,message class=a,message level=(2,1) B) //ABC,smith,class=c,message class=a,message level […]