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VERBAL SECTION- Directions for questions 1-15:Find the synonyms of the following words
1. Merry
Ans. Gay,Happy
2. Alienate
Ans. Estrange
3. Solicit
Ans. To request
Ans. To pile
Ans. Freight
Ans. Transient
7. Volume

Ans. Prudence
1. If two pencils cost 8 cents, then how much do 5 pencils cost?
Ans. 20 cents

2. Some work is done by two people in 24 minutes. One of them can do this work alone in 40 minutes. How much time does the second person take to do the same work ?
Ans. 60 minutes
3. A car is filled with four and half gallons of fuel for a round trip.If the amount of fuel taken while going is 1/4 more than the amount taken for coming, what is the amount of fuel consumed while coming back?
Ans.2 gallons

4. The lowest temperature in the night in a city A is 1/3 more than 1/2 the highest during the day. Sum of the lowest temperature and the highest temperature is 100 degrees. Then what is the low temp?
Ans.40 degrees

5. Javagal, who decided to go to weakened trip should not exceed 8 hours driving in a day. The average speed of forward journey is 40 miles/hr.Due to traffic on Sundays, the return journey’s average speed is 30 m/h. How far he can select a picnic spot?
a) 120 miles
b) between 120 and 140 miles
c) 160 miles
Ans. 120 miles

6. A salesperson by mistake multiplied a number and got the answer as 3, instead of dividing the number by 3.What is the answer he should have actually got?
Ans. 3
7. A building with height D shadow upto G. What is the height of a neighboring building with a shadow of C feet.
Ans. (C*D)/G

8. A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph. Another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit by twice the same. If the second person was traveling at a speed of 35 mph, find the speed limit.
Ans. 15 mph

9. A bus started from bus stand at 8.00am, and after staying for 30 minutes at a destination, it returned back to the bus stand. The destination is 27 miles from the bus stand. The speed of the bus is 18mph. During the return journey bus travels with 50% faster speed. At what time does it return to the bus stand?
Ans. 11.00am
10. In a mixture, R is 2 parts and S is 1 part. In order to make S to 25% of the mixture, how much of R is to be added?
Ans. One part of R
11. Wind flows 160 miles in 330 min, for traveling 80 miles how much time does it require?
Ans. 2 hrs 45 mins
12. With a 4/5 full tank a vehicle can travel 12 miles, how far can it travel with a 1/3 full tank
Ans. 5 miles

13. There are two trees in a lawn. One grows at a rate 3/5 of the other in 4 years. If the total growth of trees is 8 ft. What is the height of the smaller tree after 2 years
Ans. 1 1/2 feet
14. Refer to the figure below. A ship started from P and moves at a speed of I miles per hour and another ship starts from L and moving with H
miles per hour simultaneously. Where do the two ships meet?

PG H I J K L are the various stops in between denoted by || . The values g, h, i, j, k, l denote the distance between the ports.
Ans. Between I and J, closer to J

15. If A is traveling at 72 km per hour on a highway. B is traveling at a speed of 25 meters per second on a highway. What is the difference in their speeds in m/sec.
Ans. 1 m/sec

Tata Infotech Placement Paper

About Tata Infotech

The Boards of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) and Tata Infotech Ltd (TIL) have today approved the merger of TIL with TCS pursuant to and subject to the provisions of Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956. As per the terms of the Merger Scheme (Scheme), shareholders of TIL will receive one equity share of one Rupee each of TCS for two equity shares of Rs.10 each of TIL. The share exchange ratio was jointly arrived at by M/s BSR & Co (formerly known as Bharat S Raut & Co) and M/s Bansi S Mehta & Co. 
After the amalgamation, the paid up share capital of TCS will increase from Rs.48.01 crores to Rs. 48.93 crores. visit offical website of Tata Infotech for more details.

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