Company:  Tata Motors.

Hi Everyone

I recently underwent placement test of Tata Motors.
The test consisted of 2 parts aptitude and technical.
Aptitude part cosisted of regular stuff like RC’s, Maths, Analogies Word Meanings etc.
There was negative marking of abt 1/3 mark for every wrong question.
The maths section of Aptitude consisted of a lots of questions of probability.
I woud suggest that u get all your probability fundas in place before the test.
Rest all was regular stuff.
English section was relatively the easiest.
Then there was technical section.
U need to be technically very sound to answer these question.
Technical questions were really tough and they had some question from the stuff we study in +2 like ideal gas equation, vander wals eqn etc.
Bottom line for clearing the test is to give in your best in aptitude section. Questions in apt are easier and less time consuming.

After the test there was GD for the students who got through.
We got to discuss on the topic “Should higher education in India be Privatised”

After GD students who got through were interviewed.
There were around 6-7 DGM and AGM’s(Was really Scary Situation) throwing questions of all sorts at you.
There were some HR questions in start like Tell us something about yourself, what does your father do,would you be comfortable if sent to Places like Pune, Jamshedpur , Dharwad or Lucknow etc
Then there was some hardcore technical stuff. Most of the people were asked about their Projects both while Training and their major projects. Sp be very clear about them.
Some people like me were asked about their fav subject which in my case was quality control and inspection and i was asked about control charts…… and about engine working.
One amazing thing i found was that all the people taking interview were really polite and were really encouraging.
So i would suggest you to be calm and composed, if u dont know something just potray your ignorance and they would not mind. Wromg answers and guesses irritated them.

Average time taken up in interview was around 25minutes.

Finally after the interview process results were declared and by God’s grace i got through the process.

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