Company: TATA Power


Quantitative : 25 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 25 Minutes
Verbal English : 25 Minutes
Technical : 20 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

Simple questions, since I got used to attending aptitude tests for various companies, I did not have to practice much at room. If really, some analytical kind needs to be done because I didn’t find it easy. Technical I always thought was difficult involving dimensions of bolts & nuts, Engineering drawing, etc.


Name of the Topic / Task : management topics

Time Given : 7 Minutes

Details of the process and your contribution:

8 candidates were shortlisted for GD from the written exam. We were all given a topic to discuss individually for 7 minutes each with every one and conclude, so 8 topics & 7 mins per topic. All the topics were mangement topics and no current affairs were touched. I cleared GD both times I appeared before so had sufficient experience in
making use of my time in both speaking on my turn & also involving others into discussion. Try to bring in as many new points as you can think of, doesn’t matter if they sound hilarious.


Mostly technical, steam turbines, rankine cycle, SI & CI engines, differences, basics, gas turbines basics, turbomachines reheat cycle, combines cycle, fluid mechanics, pumps, H & Q curves. No thermodynamics touched.


Asked about myself, my family background, hobbies, co-curricular activities, achievements, where do I see my self in the next five years.


Great technical experience, learned a lot from the interviewer. I was always nervous once I made small error in explaining. But SI & CI questions were easy and I gained momentum.


Try to lead the GD if you can. If you really catch the eye of every speaker and respond to them properly, you will get through. Do not loose your energy at any point.
HR & technical go simultaneously so speak as much about yourself as you can. Technical, think and answer, don’t be impulsive.