Hi friends. TCS came for campus selection in our college on 19th March and I am very happy to say that I have been placed and I am a member of TCS family…

The whole process took two and half days… First day is th written test..
The three parts in the written tests are

1.The verbal section is the most difficult section in the written.. (time limit:20 minutes,totally 32 questions and one mark each)
Synonyms and Antonyms will be a bit tougher.. But the reading comprehension will be somewhat easier..

2.Quantitative aptitude is the easiest section in the written part…(time limit:40minutes,totally 34 questions and one mark each)
If you have gone through previous question papers, then you will be able to get more than 90% in this section.

3.Critical reasoning is the toughest of all without 12th edition GRE Barrons book.(time limit:30 minutes,totally 32 questions and two marks each)
Get a GRE Barron’s book and read the critical reasoning section or else mug it up thoroughly.. The same questions without changing the choice also will come. Very rarely names might change.If you have gone through the previous question papers for sectoin 2 and GRE Barrons for section 3 then you can easily clear the written test.
no: of students appeared for written test:1496
no: of students cleared written test:620

The second day are the interviews.. First technical round.. After waiting for more than 2 hours my interview started.(Two were in the panel who were very friendly)
int: Welcome Arun!
me :smiled and wished good afternoon…
int: This world cup I am going to support WestIndies Cricket team and you also have to do so..(actually, this question is to divert me at the right start itself)
me: answered positively and tackled the situation..
int: tell me about yourself in a different way..
me: told my personal, academic data and skills in a different way..( I impressed the interviewer for the first two questions)
int: difference between postfix and pre-fix operator.
me: answered with an example
int: give me a real time application of the above
me: answered
int: gave me a program and asked me to give the output.
me: gave
int: is java a 100% complete object-oriented language?
me: answered
int: what are the types of joins in rdbms
me: answered(but was not able to explain it)
int: what is trigger
me: answered
int: what are semaphores?
me: (answered in the second attempt)
Then the interviewer was asking some HR type questions to me for a long time..
Then I was asked to wait in a room.

After 10 minutes I was called for the MR interview
int: introduce yourself
me: said
int: diff b\w java and C++
me :answered
int: diff b\w file processing and dbms
me: answered
int: asked abt some queries
me: answered
int: asked about TCS
me: gave the profile
int: told me about the bond and asked whether i will work anywhere in India..
me: gave a positive answered

The third day also the interview continued for other department students.. In the evening at about 4, the results were announced and I am placed in TCS.
The most important thing in interview is: talk with confidence and always have a smiling face… Don’t panic or get tensed unnecessarily.. Stay as cool as you could and that will fetch you the job…
All the very best!

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

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Founded: 1 April 1968
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