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Written Test 35 Questions

Time : 80 Minutes

There was 35 Simple Aptitude Questions (but lengthy) with Negative Marking (1 Mark For 3 Wrong Answers) You have to attempt 35 question in 80 minute.

In the aptitude test each & every question in the aptitude test was from previous paper as per the new pattern. I attempt 30 uestions which was correct.You can get through if you prepared with previous papers and having a little presence of mind. I m giving u the questions with solution of some of them.

1. (1/2) of a number is 3 more than the (1/6) of the same number?
a) 6
Let the number be x,
Then solve x

2. There are two water tanks A and B, A is much smaller than B. While water fills at the rate of 1 liter every hour in A, it gets filled up like, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 in tank B. (At the end of first hour, B has 10 liters, second hour it has 20 liters and so on). If tank B is 1/32 filled of the 21 hours, what is total duration of hours required to fill it completely?
a) 26
Solution: for every hour water in tank in B is doubled, Let the duration to fill the tank B is x hours. x/32 part of water in tank of B is filled in 21 hours, Next hour it is doubled so,
2*(x/32) part i.e (x/16) part is filled in 22 hours, Similarly (x/8)th part in 23 hours,(x/4)th part is filled in 24 hours, (x/2)th part is filled in 25 hours, (x)th part is filled in 26 hours So answer is 26 hours.

3. 6 persons standing in queue with different age group, after two years their average age will be 43 and seventh person joined with them. Hence the current average age has become 45. Find the age of seventh person?
a) 43
b) 69
c) 52
d) 31
Total age of 6 persons is x hours, after two years total age of 6 persons is x+12 Average age of 6 persons is after two years is 43 So (x+12)/6=43,then solve x,
After 7th person is added then (x+7th person age)/7=45 So we will get 7th person age easily

4.In the reading room of a library, there are 23 reading spots. Each reading spot consists of a round table with 9 chairs placed around it. There are some readers such that in each occupied reading spot there are different numbers of readers. If in all there are 36 readers, how many reading spots do not have even a single reader?
a) 8
b) none
c) 16
d) 15
Solution: 23 reading spots, Each reading spot consists of 9 chairs placed around it so There are some readers such that in each occupied reading spot there are different numbers of readers. For each table different no of persons are sat,so for first table 1 person is sit,2nd table 2 persons are sit 36
readers means(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 so 8 tables are filled so 23-8=15 reading spots does not have single reader.

5. A man jogs at 6 mph over a certain journey and walks over the same route at 4 mph. What is his average speed for the journey?
a) 2.4 mph
b) 4.8 mph
c) 4 mph
d) 5 mph
Solution: Average speed=(2*x*y)/(x+y)

6. Susan made a block with small cubes of 8 cubic cm volume to make a block ,3 small cubes long, 9 small cubes wide and 5 small cubes deep. She realizes that she has used more small cubes than she really needed. She realized that she could have glued a fewer number of cubes together to lock like a block with same dimensions, if it were made hollow. What is the minimum number of cubes that she needs to make the block?
a) 114
b) 135
c) 21
d) 71
Solution: ,((3*9*5))-((3-2)*(9-2)*(5-2)) so answer is 114.

7. ((4x+3y)+(5x+9y))/(5x+5y) = ? as (x/2y) = 2
b) none
Solution: substitute x=4y

8. A girl has to make pizza with different toppings. There are 8 different toppings. In how many ways can she make pizzas with 2 different toppings?
a) 16
b) 56
c) 112
d) 28
Solution: 8c2

9. A toy train produces 10 different sounds when it moves around a circular toy track of radius 5 m at 10 m per min. However, the toy train is defective and it now produces only 2 different tunes at random. What are the odds that the train produces for consecutive music tones of the same type?
a) 1 in 16
B) 1 in 4
c) 1 in 8
d) 1 in 32
Solution: Initially it produces 10 sounds and the defect came and now it produces only 2 different sounds and consecutively so there are totally 2 sounds and we have to select on sound and the probability is ½ and it produces the same sound concecutively for 2 times so the probability becomes ½*1/2 ie ¼

10. A triangle is made from a rope. The sides of the triangle are 25 cm, 11 cm and 31 cm. What will be the area of the square made from the same rope?
a) 280.5625
b) 240.5625
c) 280.125
d) 240
Solution: add all sides 25+11+31 to get rope length rope length =67,rope is made in to as square So side of square is 67/4=16.75 and so area is 16.75*16.75=280.5625

11. A scientist was researching on animal behavior in his lab. He was very interested in analyzing the behavior of bear. For some reason he travelled 1mile in north direction & reached at North Pole. There he saw a bear. He then followed the bear around 1 hr with a speed of 2km/hr in east direction. After that he travelled in south direction & reached at his lab in2 hrs. Then what is the color of the bear?
a) White
b) Black
c) Gray
d) Brown
Solution is: White. above all the matter is nonsense

12. Usha bought a linen cloth and rope to build a tent. If the rope is 153 m long and it is to be cut into pieces of 1m length, then how many cuts are to be made to cut the ropes into 153 pieces?
Solution: to make it 153 pieces we have to cut 152 times so obviously after last cut we got 153rd piece

13. Spores of a fungus, called late blight, grow and spread infection rapidly. These pathogens were responsible for the Irish potato famine of the mid-19th century. These seem to have attacked the tomato crops in England this year. The tomato crops have reduced and the price of the crop has risen up. The price has already gone up to $45 a box from $27 a box a month ago. How much more would a vegetable vendor need to pay to buy 27 boxes this month over what he would have paid last month?
a) $27
b) $18
c) $45
d) $486
Solution: See last 3 lines only answer is 45-27=18

14. A Person buys a horse for 15 ponds, after one year he sells it for 20 pounds. After one year, again he buys the same horse at 30 pounds and sells it for 40 pounds. What is the profit for that person?
Solution: here we cannot consider depreciation or decay of item accto answer so go acc to answer
Totally 5+10=15$profit

15. John buys a cycle for 31 dollars and given a cheque of amount 35 dollars. Shop Keeper exchanged the cheque with his neighbor and gave change to John. After 2 days, it is known that cheque is bounced. Shop keeper paid the amount to his neighbor. The cost price of cycle is 19 dollars. What is the profit/loss for shop keeper?
a) loss 23
b) gain 23
c) gain 54
d) Loss 54
Solution: Loss= Change of money given to john(4$)+actual cycle cost 19$=23$ loss

16. Sangakara and Ponting selects batting by using a dice, but dice is biased. So to resolve, Ponting takes out a coin. What is the probability that coin shows correct option?
Solution is ½.

17. Middle- earth is a fictional land inhabited by hobbits, elves, dwarves and men. The hobbits and elves are peaceful creatures that prefer slow, silent lives and appreciate nature and art. The dwarves and the men engage in physical games. The game is as follows. A tournament is one where out of the two teams that play a match, the one that loses get eliminated. The matches are played in different rounds, where in every round; half of the teams get eliminated from the tournament. If there are 8 rounds played in knock out tournament, how many matches were played?
a) 257
b) 256
c) 72
d) 255
Solution: 28

18. There is 7 friends (A1, A2, A3….A7).If A1 have to have shake with all without repeat. How many handshakes possible?
a) 6
b) 21
c) 28
d) 7

19. The age of the two friends were in the ration of 6:5. If the sum of their ages is 55. Then after how many years their ratio will become 8:7?
a) 11
b) 7
c) 10
d) 12
Solution: 6x+5x=55, so x=5, put first ratio after substitution is (6*5)/(5*5) and second ratio is 40/35 So difference in numerators 40-30=10 years

20. A horse chases a pony 2 hours after the pony runs.Horse takes 3 hours to reach the pony.If the average speed of the horse is 81Kmph.Then what is the average speed of the pony?
a) 46.4
b) 51
c) 53.4
d) 48.6
Solution: Horse takes 3 hours to cover the distance
Pony takes 3+2 =5 hours to cover the same distance, Velocity=distance/time, distance travelled by them is equal it is 81*3=243km, speed of pony=243/5=48.6

21.Ferrari S.P.A is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of street-legal vehicles in 1947 as Ferrari S.P.A. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One where it has employed great success .Rohit once bought a Ferrari. It could go 4 times as fast as Mohan’s old Mercedes. If the speed of Mohan’s Mercedes is 35 km/hr and the distance traveled by the Ferrari is 490 km, find the total time taken for Rohit to drive that distance.
a) 20.72
b) 3.5
c) 238.25
d) 6.18
Solution: Speed of Ferrari =4*35=140,time=distance/velocity, 490/140= 3.5

22. If a and b are mixed in 3:5 ration and b and c are mixed in 8:5 ration if the final mixture is 35 liters, find the amount of b?
A) 13.34
b) 15.73
c) 16.73
d) 9.45
Solution: Solve for a:b:c,then b ratio is b/(a+b+c)*35 teacher says ‘start’ the girl who is sitting in first row and first column will say 1, then the next girl sitting behind her will say 4, the next girl sitting behind that girl will say 7, in a particular order each girl is telling a number, the following girls told 10, 13 next turn is yours what u will say?
a) 15
b) 17
c) 14
d) 16
Solution: It is a series 1, 4, 7, 10, 13.

24. A person run from A to B.He took ¼ of the time less to reach B when compare to run at normal Speed.Then how many percentage he has increased his speed?
a) 40
b) 44.4
c) 33.3
d) 22.2
Solution: 33.33

25. In a building there are 5 rooms.Each having a equal area .The length of the room is 4m and breadht is 5 m.The height of the rooms are 2m. If 17 bricks are needed to make a square meter then how many bricks are needed to make the floor of a particular room?
a) 320
b) 380
c) 340
d) 300
Solution: area of the room is length*breadth=4*5=20m2, For one square meter it takes 17 bricks, For 20m2 total no of bricks are 17*20=340,

26. In a school, for a student out of 100 he got 74 of average for 7 subjects and he got 79 marks in the 8th subject. what is the average of all the subject?
a) 76.251
b) 80.25
c) 74.265
d) 74.625
Solution: Total marks=74*7=518, then average=(518+79)/8=74.625

27. Six friends decide to share a big cake. Since all of them like the cake, they begin quarreling who gets to first cut and have a piece of the cake. One friend suggests that they have a blindfold friend choose from well shuffled set of cards numbered one to six. You check and find that this method works as it should simulating a fair throw of a die. You check by performing multiple simultaneous trials of picking the cards blindfold and throwing a die. You note that the number shown by the method of picking up a card and throwing a real world die, sums to a number between 2 and 12. Which total would be likely to appear more often – 8,9 or 10?
a) 8
b) All are equally likely
c) 9
d) 10
Solution: Calculate how many times 8,9,10 will come when we throw 2 dice, and answer

28. Hare in the other. The hare starts after the tortoise has covered 1/5 of its distance and that too leisurely3. A hare and a tortoise have a race along a circle of 100 yards diameter. The tortoise goes in one direction and the. The hare and tortoise meet when the hare has covered only 1/8 of the distance. By what factor should the hare increase its speed so as to tie the race?
a) 37.80
c) 40
d) 5
Ans: 37.80

29. Here 10 Program , type 10 lines with in 10 minutes then 60lines can type within 60 minutes. How many programmers are needed?
a) 16
b) 6
c) 10
d) 60
Ans: 10

30. Alice and Bob play the following coins-on-a-stack game. 20 coins are stacked one above the other. One of them is a special (gold) coin and the rest are ordinary coins. The goal is to bring the gold coin to the top by repeatedly moving the topmost coin to another position in the stack.Alice starts and the players take turns. A turn consists of moving the coin on the top to a position i below the top coin (0 = i = 20). We will call this an i-move (thus a 0-move implies doing nothing). The proviso is that an i-move cannot be repeated; for example once a player makes a 2-move, on subsequent turns neither player can make a 2-move. If the gold coin happens to be on top when it’s a player’s turn then the player wins the game. Initially, the gold coinis the third coin from the top. Then
a) In order to win, Alice’s first move should be a 1-move.
b) In order to win, Alice’s first move should be a 0-move.
c) In order to win, Alice’s first move can be a 0-move or a 1-move.
d) Alice has no winning strategy.
Ans: d

31. For the FIFA world cup, Paul the octopus has been predicting the winner of each match with amazing success. It is rumored that in a match between 2 teams A and B, Paul picks A with the same probability as A’s chances of winning. Let’s assume such rumors to be true and that in a match between Ghana and Bolivia, Ghana the stronger team has a probability of 2/3 of winning the game. What is the probability that Paul will correctly pick the winner of the Ghana-Bolivia game?
Ans: 5/9

32. 36 people {a1, a2, …, a36} meet and shake hands in a circular fashion. In other words, there are totally 36 handshakes involving the pairs, {a1, a2}, {a2, a3}, …, {a35, a36}, {a36, a1}. Then size of the smallest set of people such that the rest have shaken hands with at least one person in the set is
Ans: 18

33. A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 40. For each value of n from 1 to 40, statement n says “At least and of the statements on this sheet are true.” Which statements are true and which are false?
a) The even numbered statements are true and the odd numbered are false.
b) The first 26 statements are false and the rest are true.
c) The first 13 statements are true and the rest are false.
d) The odd numbered statements are true and the even numbered are false.
Ans: c

34. There are two boxes, one containing 10 red balls and the other containing 10 green balls. You are allowed to move the balls between the boxes so that when you choose a box at random and a ball at random from the chosen box, the probability of getting a red ball is maximized. This maximum probability is
Ans: 14/19

35. A and B play a game of dice between them. The dice consist of colors on their faces (instead of numbers). When the dice are thrown, A wins if both show the same color; otherwise B wins. One die has 4 red face and 2 blue faces. How many red and blue faces should the other die have if the both players have the same chances of winning?
a) 3 red and 3 blue faces
b) 2 red and remaining blue
c) 6 red and 0 blue
d) 4 red and remaining blue
Ans: a

Second Round: Technical Interview

Time: 15 Minutes

Question of Technical Rounds

* Tell me about yourself
* Your subject of interest
* Simple program of c find the largest number
* Draw the nand gate
* Truth table of nand gate

Third Rounds : MR

Time : 10 Minutes

IN MR round I have to take the interview of my friend After taking interview interviewer asked me will you select him or not?

Fourth Round : HR

Time : 20 Minutes

Question of HR Rounds

* Tell me about yourself
* Why you want to join TCS?
* U R from electrical and electronics branch then why you want to join TCS?
* Your strength
* AIM of your life
* Will you able to work in night shift
* are you ready to go in foreign countries
* Do want to ask any question