Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

(Paper + Interview) Freshers TCS Full Interview (01 Aug 2007)

Hello TCS Aspirants, This is Shyamal, from BIT, Mesra. TCS came to our campus on 1st August.

Again the procedures were same.
Following are the details:
1. Written Test (May be online/offline)
a) Verbal- (Antonyms & Synonyms) ? Some words were easy
b) Quantitative Analysis- Max. Questions were repeated from previous papers
c) Critical Reasoning- Again all questions from Barrons 12th edition- (Very important?.)
d) Passage- No sectional cut off!!! (But again it may differs?)

2. Tech + HR Interview:

Mine interview was most interesting? Completely different from others. Not a single questions from any CS topic?.
In my panel, it consists of three persons?.All were really COOL!!!
But again some of my friends got the panel which were really tough to clear?

Me: May I come in Sir
Intervwr: Yeah plz
Me: Thank U sir.
Intervwr: So u r waiting for long hours!!!
Me: Yes Sir?.But no problem Sir?
Intervwr: Ok?So, U have BTech in ECE & pursuing MTech in CS?Why is it so?? (Obvious question)
Me: More opportunity & blah blah blah?.
Intervwr: Is it ?I don?t think so??? (concerned abt opportunity)
Me: Definitely Sir?.That?s the reason no. of candidates are waiting outside this room to get into Asia?s no. 1 brand !!!
Intervwr: Why don?t u applied for Electronics companies??
Me: Sir, actually they generally ask for the experience people?Very few companies are asking for the freshers.
Intervwr: Ok?We r also here for getting experienced people !!! (Just to make humour?)
(Till this moment they were satisfied with my answer?.)
Intervwr: Shyamal?Choose any of ur own topic and teach us something for five minutes, then if we understand ur concept, we will ask u questions related to that?.
Me: Definitely sir,?. (In the interview room, there was a white board?)
Me: Can I hv marker Sir?
Intervwr: Yeah Sure !!! (One of them went outside & brought marker for me)
Me: Sir I am goin to teach u something on Mobile Communication !! (Surprised?.I intentionally went for that topic becz I thought if I chose any Computers Science topic..then there may be more chance of grilling)
Intervwer: Go ahead? (Drawn figure on board related to topic like UE, BTS, BSC, MSC etc. etc?.)
Me: (Spoke fluently for almost 4 minutes? It was just like teaching ur friend without any hesitation? Always be confidant & Make eye contact with each of the panel members?Most importantly be louder?)
Intervwr: (Asked questions related to the topic?like CDMA, FDMA, GSM..There feasibility & practical implications in India as well as abroad?.)
Me: (Answered all the questions based on my BTech knowledge and some general awareness with STRONG PRESENCE OF MIND?
Intervwr: Ok?Shyamal, now u plz sit down?
Me: Thank U sir.
Intervwr: So?Do u hv any problem in our service agreement??
Me: No Sir Intervwr: Wht abt Medical Test??
Me: Absolutely ?No problem Sir
Intervwr: Relocation??
Me: No problem?
Intervwr: Where do u like to prefer to go DELHI, CHENNAI???
Me: Sir I would like to go Delhi ?
Intervwr: Ok?Shyamal U may leave..
Me: Thank U sir,It was pleasure talking to u Sir..