Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Hai Friends,

This is SaiRam

My interview was at 12 th of November

I want to share my experiences about tcs with u .
Everyone know about the selection process

1. Written Test.

2. Technical Interviews.

3. MR Interview.

4. HR Interview.

Coming to Written test just go through all previous papers.

Based on that prepare all in those areas. Concentrate well in antonyms and synonyms.

My technical interview:

For my tech interview there is one panel member he is very cool and friendly.

He asked me first ?Tell me about your self ?Regarding this i prepared in two ways one in brief way and other in full length. Some will ask in specified way. So we should be prepared in both the ways.


He: asked the basic def of a computer.

I: It is a electronic device which perform some task for the user………

He: Types of Computers.

I: normal, super computers, super giga computers etc….

He: asked diff between them

I explained clearly…….. (Here I created my own ideas and impressed him)

He: you forgot other type computers

I is it main frame one ( i told with some doubt but he told its correct)

He: he asked the difff

I: for this I didn?t answered well

He: asked to explain clearly (regarding projects i did two projects one in APSRTC and other is final project.

I explained both , he was impressed well.

He: what is operating system?

I: an interface between a user and hardware??..

He: diff between windows and UNIX operating system

I: I explained well with diagrams (here he asked some simple Q?s I answered well )

He: asked to write some C programs (reversing a string, printing numbers in some format, he gave me a simple series for that also I wrote code but not that much correct)

He: Asked me to write some queries?

I wrote correctly (max salary, some queries using joins etc.)

He: well you r good in technical and wait for the MR round.

I: (really didn?t believe with those words)

I was selected in the technical round???..

My MR and HR interview:

For me both rounds completed at a time here I am some what lucky

MR:?tell me about your self?.

I: as I prepared I told as it is.

MR:he asked me to explain about my live project.

I: explained clearly.

MR:is it currently working ??. Asked complete logic

I: explained completed again. (Then he got good impression that I did it upto that he is thing that I didn?t do it)

HR:asked me about my hobbies.

I: I told ?playing snookers, coin collection, listening to light music?

HR:asked to explain the game, how many balls, those colors etc??. regarding game.

I: answered all for those Q?s (He I thought she is watching two thing,, ONE is: my communication skills second : team member qualities. For this I prepared based on my friends experience.) She didn?t satisfy well for the team member qualities.

HR:asked me that to ?justify that you a good team member?

I: mam I did two projects. In those for one project I am team leader for the other I worked as a team member. I successfully completed those two projects and got good name from my HOD sir also, so, I can justify by myself that I am good team member.

HR:even though based on your hobbies you are not a good team member justify again

I: mam I played snookers with team members only we cannot enjoy by playing one some we have to play with others only I am good player mostly we play team games only. So based on my hobbies I am having team member qualities

HR:asked about coin collection.

I: answered that collecting some special coins and collection of different country coins

HR:what coins are you having?

I: for this I prepared I told as it is.

HR:asked some county currencies

I told correctly.

MR:Ok sairam wish you all the best and asked me to wait outside.

I: thank you sir and left

On 6th dec i received a mail from TCS HR that I got selected for TCS and to get my offer letter

Many many thanks to all my friends by keeping there experiences it helped me a lot. I am requesting to all other friend to share their experiences to others it will help many people like me and I am one among them. Don?t feel tension, nervous and just keep smiling face it is very important for the MR and HR round. Everyone will reach success be patients


Thanks & Regards


Njoy friend feature is ours we can do any thing nothing is impossible


TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

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