Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

I am one of silent member of this group. I Had written my written test on 7th October in TCS at Hyderabad. It is all about GRE test 15th Edition only. I cleared my written test.

My technical interview held on 26 November in TCS at Hyderabad.
The interviewer is lady and asked first query is “tell me abt urself?”
It was very cool and they mainly concentrated on project.
They asked only fundamentals what u know and presented in the resume.
I Mentioned my BCA graduate project in the resume.
They posted me number of queries on that project.
They asked MCA project also.
I Explained neatly and also flow of the project on the paper.
They asked some quries on Oracle.
And some other fundamental concepts of Data Structure, software engineering with the concepts like testing, types of testing, life cycle and which model u have used and why?

I Was through to technical interview and asked to attend the MR & HR rounds on 30 November.
In that also they asked tell me abt urself?.
What is the role u played in the final degree project.
I said abt designer.
They asked to draw any two screens along with the fields.
I Drew well and also quoted some sql queries.
I am well at Oracle and asked abt join operations, etc.
It was 30 minutes I think.
Finally they declared the result.

I was very happy to hear the news that I was through to HR round. My HR round was around 6pm evening on that day itself. It was lady.
She asked me to tell abt myself?
And abt the bond in the TCS.
That’s all my experience in TCS.

Finally what I suggest is plz be cool and loose ur tense. Be straight and look into the eyes of interviewer and don’t act over smart. Show ur body language also. I am waiting for results.

Sunil Kumar

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